Staya erusa

Staya erusa

Life and death – the big questions: where do we come from, where are we going, and what is the purpose of our existence here on earth... Questions that have been asked since our early existence. However, throughout history we have apparently never recognized the many signs we encountered on our path, and which could have provided answers. Why? The answer is... we ourselves are the problem! We limit ourselves by our limited way of thinking. And if we than do discover certain directives, we start to distort these so that practically nothing of these remain. It is also the reason why prophets and great oracles, when they revealed their knowledge and wisdom, were misinterpreted by our own limited way of thinking. Yet... answers and explanations are closer than we would surmise. The only thing we have to do is expand our way of thinking, after which we come to the conclusion that our universe and our consciousness consist of many layers.

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Lucero C (fr) wrote: This is such an adorable indie gem!! Everything about it is great and Topher Grace is hysterical! hahaha Such a great indie!!

Ruthie R (ru) wrote: I think, I think I'm offended? This movie starts with a camp out of young girls, there to learn to be independent of technology and then two plain ol' people show up and start killing all of them. This is so fucking dumb and jfc why are you killing little kids for a movie? Blech.

Zachary M (kr) wrote: Truly intense. For a movie set on such a simple premise, you're watching one guy locked in a box for 90 minutes, you'd think there wouldn't be much to it. If you thought that, you'd be wrong. With each person he interacts with, via phone calls, you see a new dynamic or layer to the situation. Wither it's dealing with the people who kidnaped him, the FBI agents trying to find him, or his own company screwing him out of his insurance for his family. The film is probably most notable for the ending, which is super effective to be sure, but there's more to it than that. Which is a shame a lot of people I know who talk about this movie only seem to bring up is its climax. For everyone out there who is trying to make a film on a small budget, my advice would be to watch this and take careful notes in order to extract the most tension and fear from your product as possible.

Pete D (br) wrote: Ignore the strength of cast, just plain awful.

Ru C (gb) wrote: good flick! better than I expected by far,couple of pretty messed up scenes,defo worth a watch.

Adrian L (kr) wrote: What a wonderful Gay love story.

Rawballs B (nl) wrote: A worth-the-scream horror pic!!! Truly scary and noticing your furs standing because of fear!.. =)


Ashley L (ca) wrote: old school classic ?

Jordan R (nl) wrote: One of the few horror sequels that not only does its job of continuing the story in a unique and fun way, but is in some aspects on par with the original. Continuing the theme of an introspective look at both itself and horror sequels as a whole, it succeeds where the first film did by acknowledging and playing up the cliches while still telling a compelling story.

Derrick J (us) wrote: Lifting WAY to many scenes directly from Darkman II, probably as cost cutting. It sucked.and the story was dumb.The only good thing was seeing Jeff Fahey, recently known as Frank from LOST, as a bad guy. Made me laugh super imposing Frank over Peter, character wise.

Calyre Z (jp) wrote: "Les liens du souvenir"

Ace T (ca) wrote: Finally got around to watching this on DvD thanks to Ralph W.I've been meaning to write about it.It's been awhile since I've seen a good triad movie. This one was done rather alright and I knew from the beginning that there couldn't be a happy ending between the brothers.Was really hoping that somethings such as women, money and power wouldn't influence the three brothers that grew up together in a small village. I was really hoping the film to end once they got back to their village in the countryside... but some grudges don't just end.

Sylvester K (it) wrote: The story of a mad butcher who stabs a man whom he thought had raped his mute daughter. It was shot with the distinct style from director Noe that uses rapid freeze frames and jump cuts to narrate the story. It is a disturbing yet very artistic arthouse short

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Pretty common italian comedy. I don't think Loren is good enough in this picture. Mastroianni does all the job, but have to admit they look brilliantly together on the screen.

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Adam S (fr) wrote: The second of Lang's three American Westerns, about the connecting of telegraph wires to the west, and the nominal complications that arise. Not as sprawling as John Ford's similar themed "The Iron Horse", but Fritz Lang was still enough of a big name at the time to warrant some pretty spectacular outdoor location photography.

Angelo S (ca) wrote: Maduro,realista e magistralmente introspectivo.

Logan M (fr) wrote: A journey through midlife crisis with pathos and humor in equal doses.

Kevin R (br) wrote: Everybody is somebody's fool.Michael O'Hara is a seaman looking for a job when he meets the beautiful Mrs. Bannister. There is an obvious connection between the two so he decides to become a shipman on her yacht. Once on the yacht, and spending more time with Mrs. Bannister, he may find himself in the middle of a complicated murder plot. How can he get closer to her while keeping his nose clean of the potential heinous crime?"I want you to kill me. So long."Orson Welles, director of Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, F for Fake, Confidential Report, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Stranger, Macbeth, and Othello, delivers The Lady from Shanghai. The characters and settings are very well done and reminded me of Hitchcock's work from the same era. The acting was amazing and the cast includes Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Carl Frank, and Everett Sloane. "Without an edge there ain't no tough guy."I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) due to my appreciation for the great Orson Welles. I found this movie pretty good but far from my favorite Welles picture. The conclusion is excellent and the overall picture is a bit unpredictable. I do recommend seeing this picture at least once. This is a worthwhile addition to the thriller genre. "You aren't the only one that wants me to die."Grade: A- (8.5)