Steal This Film II

Steal This Film II


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  • Length:44 minutes
  • Release:2007
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These are strange times indeed. While they continue to command so much attention in the mainstream media, the 'battles' between old and new modes of distribution, between the pirate and the institution of copyright, seem to many of us already lost and won. We know who the victors are. Why then say any more? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Steal This Film II torrent reviews

Tom G (es) wrote: Like the Saw movies, what started as a unique idea has turned into gratuitous torture porn.

Konstantin U (mx) wrote: the only joke here is the title, because the movie is not at all entertaining, nor is it poignant, or anything else, a masturbatory, self-indulgent turd of a film, sorry to say

Ilja S (au) wrote: The continuation of the highly successful Raid Redemption gives the fans everything they expected, and adds more storym more characters and more blood. On one hand, the camera work, dubbing and action scenes work better than in the first movie, but the plot is too wide spread, the movie has it's boring downparts, and is overall at least 40min. too long, which makes it on par with its predecessor.

Bathsheba M (kr) wrote: This got off to a slow start...painfully slow. If it ever picked up I don't know cause I bailed.

Linus M (es) wrote: awesome French thriller. some comedic moments but mostly it was a refreshing Hollywood esque action thriller. fans of Luc Bessob will dig it

Ton Q (gb) wrote: I forgot this movie was about Afghanistan on several occasions.

Jeffrey N (us) wrote: While it's hard to believe he stretched a documentary about hair on black women to an hour and forty five minutes, Chris Rock does a superb and informative job. Though slow in parts, Good Hair is a welcome departure for Rock, who skillfully executes a documentary much better than I thought he was able to.

Alan W (nl) wrote: i quite enjoyed it! well worth watch! i grew up in this era i remember the fashion well

Ascel K (au) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE! My favorite show ever! The best ending; it made me cry for days! I will never forget it. Wentworth Miller you are AMAZING! I LOVE YOU <3

Mark L (kr) wrote: I'd have to say that the premise is a really interesting experiment about what sex means in a relationship. It hits on that little imp that everyone in a relationship wonders about. Beside the premise though, I'd have to say that the execution of the movie stunk. You could see right through it. I do have to admit it was freaking hilarious when the kid tells Carl that his mother's sad because Carl wrestles her every night.

James P (nl) wrote: seagal's last cinema release until 2010, entertaining and nearly as good as 'Exit Wounds'

Landon M (nl) wrote: A copy-cat of Chucky

Rob D (ag) wrote: I think the entire movie is a great idea... but the worst cast for that idea which now tells me I can't trust Rotten Tomatoes either for truthful reviews. The plot, timeframe and actors (other than Jeremy Piven) are all the avant garde and noir "naked emperors" that no one ever questions in their obligatory (at best) effort and gave it all a thumbs up?. As if there was no adult in the room during the pitch to say, "no one is going to believe Cusack as a CIA operative anymore than they would believe that Dan Ackroyd is the same." No matter how many nostalgic New Wave 80's songs you buy the rights to feature in the movie or even if you have Minnie Driver (who still sounded like a Brit playing and American playing a Brit doing the part of an American) costar. As for Cusack, great concept, but he is a great supporting actor when paired with great directors, scripts, producers, and everything else including Key Grips . I have always felt like his acting and presence revealed that he must be "in service to" of related to Jack Woltz (Godfather reference).

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