Stealing Las Vegas

Stealing Las Vegas

There's a dark side behind the bright lights of Las Vegas, where desperate lives and busted dreams struggle in the shadows to survive. And when a sleazy casino owner swipes $20 million from his employees' health insurance and pension funds, ex-pro-baseball-player-turned-casino-electrician Nick and his co-workers put together a daring plan to steal the money back. But in a lowdown town of underground cage fights, smoky strip clubs and deadly double-crosses, can the perfect heist ever go as planned? Written by Francisco Menendez

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Stealing Las Vegas 2012 full movies, Stealing Las Vegas torrents movie

When a greedy Las Vegas casino owner threatens to lay off and take away pensions from his low-end staff of janitors, florists, and repairmen, they are forced to take matters into their own hands to even the odds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stealing Las Vegas torrent reviews

Jennifer W (de) wrote: Can't wait to see it!

Chuck T (kr) wrote: Awful premise defies ANY common sense found oitside of made-for-tv movies. Not bad production qualities, however. Good make-up for a lower budget film.

Brad A (jp) wrote: Crappy crap with a stock musical score and horrible acting..features the goofy kid from The Rocket getting munched. A cool looking creature and some messy gore slightly alleviate the agony.

Chris M (us) wrote: Probably not at all what most people would expect to see, but you can't go wrong with Seinfeld. Most artists, aspiring or even well-established, ought to be able to appreciate this. It covers the whole gamut: confidence, self-doubt, establishing yourself, reinventing yourself, dealing with failure, dealing with success, and mustering the energy and dedication to keep going at your craft till you get it right.I'm really glad I decided to watch this, and I should probably make sure I re-watch it from time to time for renewed insight and inspiration.

Mike A (ag) wrote: The story makes no sense and the cast seemed misguided. The only saving grace? Tremendous music from Bob Dylan. Only for a big Dylan fan. Fast forward to the musical performances. The rest of it is just too confusing.

Matt A (ag) wrote: ehhh....cliche, tried too hard to be stylish, bad performances, bad story, etc.

Zachary Y (ru) wrote: one of Woody's underrated films. a very funny feature.

Thomas P (ag) wrote: one of the films will touch your heart for the reminding generation

Robert B (nl) wrote: Summer of Sam (Spike Lee, 1999)[originally posted 19Jun2000]Spike Lee, phone home. Where is the man who was able to mix militant political views with fantastic drama to give us School Daze and Do the Right Thing, two of the best films ever made? I don't know where he went, but the shadow left in his wake who's handed us the last bunch of godawful films with Lee's name on them ain't the same guy. Hopefully, Summer of Sam is the nadir, and he can get back to being himself. For one thing, in the early days, Lee's acting was always one of the highlights of his films, and in Summer of Sam, it's almost as if he was trying his best to act badly. (If so, he succeeded in fine form.) And forget that there might have been any other explanation for the killings (Lee obviously did). Add in a plot about the ways that peoples' opinions change about one another and how fickle "loyalty" can be and you have all the makings of a disaster. The worst part is, this is stuff that Lee handled more than capably in his better films, and one is left wondering whether to blame the director or the scriptwriters for the mess this film is. I'm content to place the blame at half and half and hope Lee pulls himself out of the slump he's been in. * 1/2

Manu G (nl) wrote: The Hardest Part Of Winning Is Choosing Sides.Saw it again! One of the best basketball movies you will ever see. The story is superb and the basketball moves are spot on, no fakes here, this is as real as it is. Great cast and the acting was very strong and realistic.Story of Kyle-Lee Watson, a promising high school basketball star, and his relationships with Birdie, a powerful drug dealer, and Birdie's brother, Thomas 'Shep' Sheppard, himself once a promising high school star at Kyle's school, now employed as a security guard.

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Carlos M (kr) wrote: A sincere biopic about a most admirable man and enriched by Ben Kingsley's exceptional performance - even if the story is in fact more didactic than really compelling and with Gandhi not as fascinating as a character as the strength of his convictions and accomplishments.

Andrew H (ca) wrote: For those who; "crave the usual sort of stimulation, from the usual sort of film", this film is not for you. They do say, though, that it is good to free the mind from stimulation, by pursuing a tolerance to boredom. There is definitely an element of boredom, created by the watching of this film. That boredom just seems to add to the utter horror, such that it becomes that rarest of occasions, when boredom seems to have been a positive experience.I agree that watching this film can seem worse than "having your teeth pulled out"; this is how some people have described the film. I certainly don't enjoy having my teeth pulled out, yet the truly disturbing nature of this film, is not unlike having your teeth pulled out. Some subtle, subconscious identification of oneself, within the horror of this film, seems to be at work. The conscious repulsion to the film is then completely at odds with the subconscious, and this seems to be the root of why this is the most terrifying film that I've ever seen. Surely we watch films hoping they will have an effect on us. I almost thought I might lose my own sanity while watching this film; some may say I lost it years ago.

Zachary B (gb) wrote: Interesting bits of comedy, comparable to Movie 43 bit without famous people

Ian E (au) wrote: It took you back to the days when Lecter was taken to the asylum. This movie gives you a stunning performance by Ed Norton, Ralph Fines, and other great actors. It is a bit different from the original but brilliant Manhunter. It also has a great unforgettable ending!

Quincy T (ru) wrote: Cool and mysterious atmosphere overcome some of the generic themes. Predominantly set in chilly blue tint, Dark Was the Night has quaint and also eerie ambiance fitting for a mystery thriller. The wintry set-up is convincingly effective on creating a sense of isolation, which keeps the suspense going even though it slightly stumbles at midway point. It's troubled by relatively bland acting and repetitive developments at some points, yet it still looks and feels refined.Several odd occurrences have happened in isolated town of Maiden Woods. The small town has small population and the anomalies understandably disturb its occupants. What may seem like a prank eventually escalates as the beastly sightings become more malicious. For a straightforward theme, it maintains the thrill well without straying too far into campy monster flick.Its biggest asset is the cinematography. Visually the movie has just the appropriate outlook for mystery horror. Details of the town and its surrounding produce morbid effect on its own. However, it may take the title too seriously. A couple of scenes in night time look overly bleak and vague. Choppy editing and jittery camera unfortunately hamper some of the intense sequences.Acting is also a bit imbalance. The sheriff looks ridden with guilt and anguish, while it may work with his sad backstory, the excessive lamentation proves to be tiresome in the long run. Several other cast deliver better performance, more emotionally involved than most horror movies have to offer. Yet, the subplots and monotonous investigation plod the pace significantly in second half before reaching its climax.There are a few inconsistencies on the presentation, it's not overly innovative either, however the solid atmosphere is primed for mystery horror. It's polished cleverly, and will most likely please fans of the genre or audience looking for light thrill.