Deeply ensconced in a top-secret military program, three pilots struggle to bring an artificial intelligence program under control ... before it initiates the next world war.

Navy fighter pilots Ben Gannon, Henry Purcell and Kara Wade are tasked with training an unmanned plane to hit important overseas targets. It turns out to be a tough missionĀ to bring theĀ artificial intelligence program under control before it initiates the next world war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorian G (jp) wrote: A historical look into the creation and rise of one of the most popular franchises of the 80s and 90s. Interesting, but boring at times, as it focused on the business side of marketing and selling products, rather than the fans and fanatics featured in most other documentaries.

Marty B (ca) wrote: An excellent story and creative action and survival. This story is getting more interesting as it progresses. Excited to see how everything develops.

Eric H (ag) wrote: I enjoyed the film without knowing all that much about Arendt. Human relationships and lots of intellectual debates, pretty talky, but I was very interested in it all. The film shows Arendt's life in New York City in the 1960s, her visit to Israel for the Eichmann trial, and a few flashbacks to her college days as a student of Heidegger. Her New Yorker articles about the Eichmann trial are the focus of the film. I couldn't help but think how much of the controversy resulted from jealous male colleagues, because she was a woman. She was constantly accused of being arrogant and selfish and unfeeling. Because she was a highly intelligent woman unwilling to apologize for or hide her smarts? Woman are not supposed to think, but only to feel, so a woman who subordinates her emotions to analysis might be very threatening. Some characters were even shown looking askance at her because she did not have children. These gender issues are not forefronted in the film, but another interesting layer.

Ian C (mx) wrote: Still sad 24 years later.

Marilee A (it) wrote: High School Girl, Exciting Older Guy that can take her to Restaurants, drives a Nice Car, & her Parents don't seem to mind.She finds out where his Money comes From & that he is Married.Not a New Story, but it is done well

Edward K (ag) wrote: another creepy movie and it was alright

BellaRay (br) wrote: Lets hope they have it.

Ricky P (ag) wrote: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius's humor and story may be dated but gets away with it with its charm and cleverness of it's loving characters

c r (jp) wrote: i get what this movie was about, but what the heck was it ABOUT???

Suan Sui G (jp) wrote: Suzy "what did you think?"Jason "powerful"Suzy "I agree"

Private U (kr) wrote: Love Angelina Jolie! Just a great movie

Steve W (it) wrote: Chaplin's Tramp character tries to stay employed in Depression times, and makes a best friend while trying to do so. What follows is a mostly aimless series of sketches, some of them work, some of them don't. It plods along nicely until the finale, and that bittersweet ending that shows that you need connections to get work, but all you need to do is buck up and never say die.

Gorkey G (fr) wrote: A film of a refreshing curiosity, hooliganism and irony, resulting in an energetic experience.