Steam of Life

Steam of Life

Finnish men in sauna, speaking straight from the heart.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:beer,   female nudity,   bear,  

Finnish men in sauna, speaking straight from the heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Steam of Life torrent reviews

Pascal v (gb) wrote: Beautiful performances all around, Judi Dench is phenomenal (as always).

Christopher S (nl) wrote: Another clunker from "Millennium Entertainment".....Started off well but got progressively worse as the minutes ticked by. Probably the longest 90 minutes movie ever...

Cc W (de) wrote: absolutely wonderful. It made me cry, laugh, and jump out of my seat. Truly the best screenplay I've seen in a while. A must see most definitely!

Jon F (us) wrote: an absurb comedy the likes of son of the beach type comedy. if you like a good laugh and continual exploitative nudity then this is the movie for you

May N (es) wrote: His mother is the funnist.

Jun Z (es) wrote: Thoughtful and human portrayal of Asian Americans in cinema, a rare gem.

Sue W (kr) wrote: This is well worth seeing, for the gorgeous high Victorian life of the wealthy with more than a whiff of decadence and corruption thrown in. Patsy Kensit has a nice bottom.

Brad S (au) wrote: I really like this film and have seen it several times over the years, this time was on Blu-Ray. Clint Eastwood reunite with director Don Siegel for their 5th and final film together. This is an interesting story with some good performances, especially McGoohan as the Warden who makes the character easy to hate. Also a standout is a young Fred Ward. This is probably one of my favourite Eastwood films. Give it a watch!

Aj V (nl) wrote: An okay melodrama, it's not bad, but it's pretty boring for the most part.

Forrest K (gb) wrote: Not quite "The Third Man," but a worthy follow-up. The breathtaking chase through East Berlin is worth the admission alone, and Claire Bloom is charmingly plucky - a great foil to James Mason's brooding, sarcastic anti-hero. I was lucky enough to catch it at Film Forum and it was exhilarating on the big screen. (Also, I'm pretty sure I was sitting behind Jennifer Connelly, so that's pretty exciting as well!)

Jason G (jp) wrote: Bette Davis looked just like Angela Lansbury (or the other was around?) the whole time! I couldn't shake it!

Dennis b (us) wrote: Chaplin the genius, at his best. If this doesn't move you, jump off a bridge.

Elle G (ca) wrote: This film bounced around but in the end it was ok.