Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Steamboat Bill, Jr.

The just out of college effete son of a no-nonsense steamboat captain comes to visit his father whom he's not seen since he was little.

The effete son of a cantankerous riverboat captain comes to join his father's crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Steamboat Bill, Jr. torrent reviews

Matthew A (gb) wrote: Just as good as the first.

Yuliya A (it) wrote: 5 Stars!! You must be crazy to not enjoy this movie, the fact that rottentomatoes found it rotten amazes me, it might be one of the best movies i saw!

Michelle C (kr) wrote: This was recommended to me by a friend, and I loved it! The older flicks really knew how to make a point!

Paul D (au) wrote: The series that spawned from this film can not be classed in the same bracket as this one. This is funny in it's own right without the bawdyness that is exagerated in later efforts.

Duane P (us) wrote: This rating is extremely misleading, I love this movie...Very clever humor, I could watch it every day...

Sean D (it) wrote: This movie sucks and I can't believe there is a sequel. Oh wait I can, because anyone will try to make a franchise. Besides a really pointless drawn out story, you have an irrelevant beginning that doesn't really prepare you for the events to occur 45 minutes later, the beginning also doesn't really introduce you to the characters very well. Just a decent amount of torture and escaping and getting caught with no police investigation or evidence. Then you have situations with the camera where it appears to be night then day, the lighting is all fucked up whether it is natural or not. Based on real life events, you are making a film based on a retelling of one character still alive because if the other two are dead, it's all made up and the way the events played out, it was just really bad and boring.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: A major departure for director Neil LaBute, best known for dark films like In the Company of Men (1997) and Your Friends & Neighbors (1998), this is hybrid film based on A.S. Byatt's award winning 1990 novel, mixing in a mystery with period drama set across England. It makes for a nice mix, and it's an underrated little film too. It begins with American scholar Roland Michell (Aaron Eckhart), who works for the British Library researching work on the Victorian poet Randolph Henry Ash (Jeremy Northam) for Professor Blackadder (Tom Hickey). However, while going through Ash's notebooks, he finds a letter that suggests Ash might have had an affair with another Victorian poet, Christabel LaMotte (Jennifer Ehle). Roland travels to Lincoln to meet Ash lecturer Maud Bailey (Gwyneth Paltrow). They follow Randolph's footsteps, taking them from his old home to Whitby in Yorkshire and onto France, where the plot thickens, and how Christabel was a lesbian whose lover Blanche Glover (Lena Headey) intervenes in the affair between Christabel and Randolph. It's a good mystery that makes the best use out of English locations, but you get the impression that alot of the English stereotypes have been beefed up for the American market. Oh, and you get to hear Trevor Eve with a dodgy American accent and silly glasses too.