Steel Cold Winter

Steel Cold Winter

A boy transfers to a school in the countryside, where he finds himself attracted to a mysterious girl. The girl lives alone with her mental patient father and enjoys skating alone on the lake at night. Villagers and classmates spread rumors about the girl, but the boy doesn’t care. Then one day, her father disappears and the boy becomes witness to suspicious activity. Other than a few documentaries, this is Choi Jin-seong’s first feature film. Steel Cold Winter is no normal teenage love story.

The story began on the day Yoon Soo moved to remote village areas to appease obsession witnessing his close friend suicide. Then, he accidentally met Hae Won skating on the frozen lake . Meet again in the first day of school, Yoon Soo and Hae Won quickly fall in love with each other, despite the bad rumors about her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben H (us) wrote: Stylish, yet gory and brutal in the reminiscence of Riki-Oh and Fist of North Star.

Natalie K (au) wrote: Nice family movie, but probably not something I will ever watch again.

john m (br) wrote: Amazingly enough very enjoyable.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: A great inspirational family film with a few cuss words. The actors make this especially poignant and triumphant, especially the naturalistic child actors.I fully enjoyed this movie as an underdog story where you see the many obstacles that need to be overcome, and one-by-one making it happen.On a personal note, the truth is that I'm contemplating the necessity of Angela Bassett playing an angry 'ghetto mama' spouting her 'diss'-pleasure with all but two snaps back, and it made something in me bristle - like so much stereotypical junk that doesn't seem to belong in such an otherwise elegant, smart, and powerful movie. Pardon my indulgence here, butI think it's like Bill Cosby kicking Lisa Bonet off his show for tarnishing the image of excellence he wanted for his ensemble cast to maintain. For me, there didn't seem to be enough of a redemptive catharsis for Bassett's character later - it struck me that she could have been a selfish mother momentarily caught up in the emotions of the spelling bee, but still internally unchanged after "the big event" is over, and be back to ghetto thinking again.Thankfully, thats my only peev -I wanted a clear, full circle change for the mom as well, or ast least a clarity about get character.The rest of it is SO GOOD, tho this one thing stuck with me. Sorry.Now Fishburne seemed born to play this wise yet wounded character who must also conquer his demons to take a kind of personal challenge against his self-protective instincts.A joy of a movie that started a bit roughly for me.4 out of 5 sweaty palms..

Chris C (br) wrote: I wouldn't touch this movie with a 39 1/2 foot pole.


Timothy J (nl) wrote: The last of Christopher Lee's Dracula films. An attempt to be contemporary in its time. Doesn't really play today.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Could this of influenced every modern war story? It's brilliant.

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Rado V (ca) wrote: Boring,pretictble and by far one of the worst psychological thriller I've ever seen.Poorly writeen and acted,with zero suspense and a cliche twist ending.Don't bother.

Steve G (jp) wrote: An incredible movie with a great story, acting and cinematography. One of Hitchcock's best movies, that shows that some old movies still pack a lot of power. This Hitchcock thriller is simply timeless. Great stuff :-D