Barmaid Stella Claire and blueblood Stephen Dallas have very little in common -- except they've fallen in love. When their relationship fails, Stella decides to raise the child they had, Jenny, alone. But Jenny and Stella are far from the perfect mother-daughter pair.

Stella is determined, courageous, vulgar, unfashionable...and all her daughter has. Through the trials of teenagehood, to the problems of adulthood, Stella will do anything for Jenny...... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stella torrent reviews

Sachith W (de) wrote: One of a best documentary movie

Be I (it) wrote: I can't wait for it to be released in Canada

John C (es) wrote: Great movie, story and cinematography is top notch.

Nick U (it) wrote: 9/12/14 VuduA really well done movie that shows the despair and frustration than can lead to suicide bombers. As the story unfolds you hope the guys change their minds and the ending leaves you to wonder. This does not glorify or justify suicide bombers but it does put a human face on it and you see that families, friends and others can make choices hard.

Dwayne R (ca) wrote: Excellent story of, among other things, the first heart surgery.

Katie J (mx) wrote: LOVE IT! I love Elvis.

Leslie A (mx) wrote: Gong Li is superb.Gong Li is superb

Jeff S (au) wrote: Its not bad! Its not as good as Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" given that its a tv movie. From A to F I would say its a High B movie!

Brian C (fr) wrote: A truly great film that doesn't get anywhere near the recognition it deserves, this is the ultimate inspirational high school rebellion story that simmers with intensity and scathing critique of everything wrong with high school. A funny, moving, and exhilarating classic that every teenager should take to heart.

Joseph H (ru) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Nonya B (br) wrote: I've watched this movie over 10 times, and still love it. There are some very classic lines, and Aidan Quinn has never looked better. Probably one of Madonna's best movies.

Shawn C (br) wrote: Classic move from my childhood.

Harnawa B (us) wrote: Still not a good film compared to the first film, but it has more of what planet of the apes is about

Jennifer D (ag) wrote: What a bizarre film. No, really. The first time I tried to watch it, I gave up about 30 minutes in. I tried again and got through it but was man, it was strange. This is most certainly NOT a romantic comedy of any kind and there is a kind of split interest going on here, Grant's relationship with Crain and Grant's relationship with Currie, something I could never quite figure out, either. In the end, I'm not even sure I really *liked* it as a film, but it was still well done in terms of storytelling. Strange.

Timm L (fr) wrote: Beautiful looking, great story and great music, but the cast is bland and after seeing the Broadway show, this disappoints. A lot.

Paul D (it) wrote: I was very sceptical about watching this given I have never watched anything Simon Cowell has his dirty hands on, but as a film it's quite an uplifting drama that's well enough directed to be given a chance for the reason that it is based on a true story and not completely superficial.

Michael H (gb) wrote: Santa Clausis a film that(TM)s often mocked for its cheap sets and bad acting, without pausing to think about what(TM)s really going on here; the kind of twisted, alien imagination at work or the ideas that Cardona is sneaking in under their smug noses.Santa Clausis a deeply strange and disturbing work, a visionary work on a miniscule budget and one that says more about the holidays than we may care to think about.

Richard C (au) wrote: It succeeds at creating enough tension to justify our reasons to care about the film, but the frustrating and ambiguous end result and frequent tendency to build something up only for it to fall into a relatively mediocre feature leaves us wondering where the film went wrong in telling the story. The actors, specifically Oldman, are convincing and good to watch, but for the cast involvement and the story that it promised, one cannot leave the film without feeling somewhat used and that is not what should have been done with this film. Far from bad, but very far from the great film it had potential to be.