Stella Dallas

A low-class woman is willing to do whatever it takes to give her daughter a socially promising future.

A low-class woman is willing to do whatever it takes to give her daughter a socially promising future

Stella Dallas is the best movies torrent of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1937. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Anne Shirley, Barbara O'Neil, Alan Hale, Marjorie Main, George Walcott, Ann Shoemaker, Tim Holt, Nella Walker, Bruce Satterlee, Jimmy Butler, Jack Egger, Dickie Jones. The kind of movie are Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 7.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Alvaro P (mx)

Pretty good gay soccer movie

Amber (it)

an that was so fake it was funny!. . . i mean when the foreign girl got eaten. Wasn't that bad but the digital effects were

Anna B (mx)

horrible and weird. . . the only reason I watched this movie was Keanu, and I really wish i didnt

Ben D (mx)

Unfortunately, they went with the latter and the film is just average instead of fantastic. The film would have been much better had it focused on this girl's life as a geisha, rather than make it a romance. I admire the film's production values and lavish costumes and the film is fairly engrossing throughout, but it's bogged down by this horrible, melodramatic love story

Dylan D (mx)

Still, Freddy's Dead makes for a generally entertaining movie, even if it does operate fairly far from series norms. film. Krueger; his future films are better than this, both series creator Wes Craven's own New Nightmare and Runny Yu's vs. " Fortunately, history proved that neither fans nor Hollywood were ready to part ways with Mr. That's probably the highlight of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, perhaps the most forgettable series entry, a film that pushes the comic mischief to the extreme and fails to end the series with anything even remotely considered "satisfying. Hey, at least Freddy's Power Glove worked better than its real-life counterpart

Grayson D (de)

Enjoyable comic drama

King L (kr)

Lori Petty and a very young and dark haired Naomi Watts plays the 2 characters who oppose him. Water becomes very valuable resource and it's controlled by an evil mega-corporation led by a madman played by Malcolm McDowall. In this story an asteroid hits the earth and turns everything into desert. Usually movies of this type are dark and serious or they are bad, silly and low-budget. Good, whimsical, funny and tongue-in-cheek unlike other movies about a post-apocalyptic world

Larry W (jp)

This has become a christmas classic for me, right up there with charlie brown

Maxx D (ag)

Stormare steals the show. Watch 'Basket Case' instead, the movie that this is clearly ripping off. Starts off great but slowly turns into an unfunny parody of itself

Milda Barbora K (de)

Hard times. I mean, do we call any movie SCI-FI when it does not understand medicine 101?! Hard times we live in, people. One more thing, which got me all riled up for no reason really - is the only sci-fi motive the fact that a guy's hand freezes solid in 7 minutes, has a ring of metal when hit with a crowbar or whatever the heck it was and then gets smashed into bits and the hand is somehow perfectly amputated, freaking stitches, healed tissue and all?! It was a frozen arm, it should have made the guy bleed out not make him walk around like a lunatic with one and a third of an arm. The producers might as well have had just stated that the movie will be placed in an alternate distopian future where the Earth is covered with snow and that would have been just as relevant as the anti-global warming experiment theme. Anti-global warming experiment gone wrong theme is not brought up in any way except for the beginning of the movie, and, to be honest, it does not play any significant role to the plot. In addition, even though it is a sci-fi movie (although it seems more like a distopian movie to me) it lacks the sci-fi or fantastic motives, but rather bounces off realism and pounces to it's genre description for defense. So apart from the fact that the movie's main plot-line is filled with irrational decisions of the screen writer, director and anybody that contributed to creating this story it also has poor choice of tempo, horrible transitions between cuts, close ups and very bad taste in lighting. They survived therefore they deserve a place on the train? Why?! Nobody cares about them anyway like I have pointed out before. In the end, they have no relevance to their name to even exist on the train - I have no idea, and nobody explained this to me or other viewers, why they even were there in the first place. They contribute nothing to the society, they mean little to nothing to the rest of the community - they are tortured, starved, forced to cannibalism and have their family members be taken away from them whenever the upper class pleases. So why are they there? It makes NO sense for them to be on the train with the rest of the passengers. As the middle aged British woman who doesn't really matter says the lower class were freeloaders when they got on the train and they still are. forced, for the movie's plot, that is. . . The lower class, as opposed to the real world, has no obligations or burdens to carry for the upper class so the struggle between the groups is rather. They live in blissful ignorance of eating protein bars made out of cockroaches, having shelter and have, literally, no job or dirty work to do for the upper class. There is no struggle for the lower class people to escape - there is nothing to escape to. Why? Because they are the last people on Earth (don't let the polar bear at the end mislead you), the earth around them is cold, hostile and no longer inhabitable. The leftover people remember their grievances, yes, but there is nothing externally motivating them to destroy or overthrown the upper class(lets call it like it is) . The majority of the people that are in the current tail-end of the train have grown up on the train and know nothing about the cannibalism of their predecessors. Not really. The movie's plot is mostly about three different groups of people (although we only get to hear about two) and, in this case, there is no externally motivated struggle between the groups. In life, the struggle between classes is relevant and meaningful for the well-being of the classes, but in the movie it is not. However, in life there is a point to the struggle between the classes - power, equality of opportunity and even the struggle for equality of outcome (pardon the socialist in me). However, the movie also tries to make a statement about the three classes of people - upper class, middle class and lower class, or in this case, the "Freeloaders". This trope of a theme, in the end, has no affect on the outcome of the movie, only the proceedings of it. The movie tries to make a statement of predisposed place in the world, which, as we all know, is something taken from the Indish book of the cast system. From a textual analysis point of view this piece of text is absolutely meaningless (sure, we can argue that it is the absence of meaning which gives it the meaning of absolute pointlessness of life, however the movie is so all over the place that this can hardly be the presumed meaning of it). This movie has, literally, no point