Step Across the Border

Step Across the Border

An avant-garde documentary film on English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

An avant-garde documentary film on English guitarist, composer and improviser Fred Frith . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Step Across the Border torrent reviews

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Overrated apparently, want to see for myself!

Carrie G (fr) wrote: Yawn, what a boring and predicatble film. It should have gone straight to TV.

Graham M (br) wrote: A fairly unremarkable but ultimately competent action-adventure in the style of Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone with a few good fight scenes.

Patrick T (es) wrote: This is the flick that revived my interest in Asian cinema. Hands down the best samurai/yakuza/zombie film ever made.

Allan C (kr) wrote: It's hard to put my finger on what exactly went wrong with this Stephen King adaptation. It's an interesting King story about the Devil coming to the small town of Castle Rock and then subtly stirs the pot, turning the kindly townsfolk against one another until it builds to an explosive climax. There's also a stellar cast, which includes Max von Sydow as the devil, Ed Harris as the town sheriff, Bonnie Bedelia as his girlfriend and also the quirky Amanda Plummer as one of the towns people and J.T. Walsh as the hotheaded mayor. The film was also adapted by W.D. Richter who wrote some terrific films, ranging from the "invasion of the Body Snatchers" remake to "Brubaker" to even "Big Trouble in Little China." Richter also directed cult favorite " The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension." The film's director's cut originally ran for three hours, so maybe the film lost something with a hour removed. The film was directed by first time director Fraser C. Heston (Charlton's son) who does a good enough of job handling characters, story and action. I do remember this film having a terrific trailer though.

Amara R (ru) wrote: Balki is in this one, so of course I rented the video when it came out. It obviously sucked, but three stars for Balki.

Gail L (br) wrote: Worth a watch for nostalgic purposes,not the absolute comedy I was promised. Good to see the yorkshire village of howarth as one of the filming locations as I visited there with my mum.

Rick L (fr) wrote: A wonderfully observed, quiet beautiful film telling the story of Carlo Levi's exile to a Southern Italian town. Probably far too slow and short on plot twists for most - but it rewards the audience with great cinematography and character observation. The conversations between Levi and the Fascist mayor are excellent. Highly recommended.

Mark D (de) wrote: Very enjoyable Hammer Dracula, and alot gorier than some of the other entries.

Mark J (de) wrote: I really enjoyed the first half of this film. It had great music, great actors, a great story but when the music stopped i kind of felt the whole movie stop as well, and it got very long and the story stopped being interesting, but what saved it was Barbara Streisand's amazing performance that had me laughing at one point and nearly moved to tears. After about 40 minutes of disaster it picks back up for a strong finale. I thought it was funny the resemblance of Rachel from Glee to Fanny Brice which made me like her all the more. Overall this is a good classic film that i can't wait to put on my shelf along with West Side Story and My Fair Lady.

Greg W (gb) wrote: just ok not that funny

John R (au) wrote: 151011: What a mess. Holy shit, what a mess. Kids can be scary in their lack of knowledge. This is one messed up movie and it put me on edge, especially near the end. What we as adults take for granted, kids have no idea. Had me jumping at one point and left me a bit stressed. Wild story and a fun hour and a half.