Step by Step

Step by Step

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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The police suspects Hubert Verkamen of having murdered a whole family. Verkamen keeps claiming he is only an honest tradesman but the cops know very well that he is a dangerous drug ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Step by Step torrent reviews

Ryan M (gb) wrote: Major logic flaws and inconsistencies in the overall storyline and continuity with the previous films. As well as way too extremely fast paced rushing from event to event and scene to scene.

Brandy N (ag) wrote: Very slow, didn't believe the love connection between the main characters at all and the end was super depressing.

Maria C (ru) wrote: Good action flic. Worth watching.

Andreia C (br) wrote: The sequel starts right where the last movie left us. And thought it's "good" to be back to the that immersive story, I still felt there was something missing. Lin Shaye though, makes every Insidious movies worth while.

Ian R (kr) wrote: I could do without the animated stuff, but the documentary is a compelling mix of celebration and dismantling. Definitely NOT a puff piece.

Antwan J J (mx) wrote: wow this is pushing the envelope for Snoop Dogg but reminds me of tales from the darkside and creepshow but better but i thinbk Snoop should stick with this type of Genre it seems to work for him

Najd G (br) wrote: Too long. It takes an hour for there to be any clear direction to the story. Once it gets going, it slumps into exploitative action sequences instead of really focusing on the serious (and more interesting) subject matter at hand. Beyond all that, I didn't feel like Archer (DiCaprio's character) was any less selfish by the end than when he was first introduced as a low-class diamond-smuggling thug.

Mark W (de) wrote: This is a highly underrated little gem from first time feature director Shona Auerbach. It's a film that shows a real delicacy and understanding for human relationships and a sensitive perception of life in general. Frankie (Jack McElhone) is a 9 year old deaf boy has never met his father. His mother Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) left him years ago but never had the heart to tell her son. Instead, she concocts a story and tells Frankie that his father is working on a ship, sailing around the world. She also sends letters to Frankie, pretending to be his dad in far off places. Her story threatens to come to pieces though when Frankie discovers that his dad??s ship is due to dock at their hometown of Greenock. Instead of telling Frankie the truth, Lizzie employs the services of a stranger (Gerard Butler) to pretend that he's Frankie's father. Every now and again you come across a low-key drama with real depth and honesty that when it's all over you are left feeling genuinely touched; a tear may even well-up or for that matter fall. This is that type of drama. It's a film that tugs on the heartstrings but doesn't use any form of manipulation to do so. It's just good, honest, storytelling that uses observation and an understanding of life and the heartbreaking complexities therein. It touches on the extent that parents will go to protect their children and also the difficulties faced by broken, impoverished families. What it also does, is put your faith in the kindness of strangers. That being said, this is not a film that's depressing. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's a life-affirming story filled with humour as well as pathos and everyone hits just the right note. It's also a film that could claim to showcase the real charm and charisma of Gerard Butler before he hopped aboard the fame train. He's an enigmatic presence and delivers a wonderfully subtle, turn that gained him a lot more recognition amongst critics and filmgoers alike. The same could be said of Emily Mortimer; she is absolutely superb as a supportive but desperate mother striving to protect her son and further excellent support is delivered by young Jack McElhone as the eponymous and gentle natured Frankie. He doesn't physically talk throughout the film but we get to hear his thoughts through the letters he writes to his absent and elusive father. It's through these heartfelt, emotional performances that the film really resonates. That's not to take away from writer Andrea Gibb's endearing screenplay or director/cinematographer Shona Auerbach's sensitive handling of the material though; everyone pulls their weight in capturing just the right tone here. It's a such a shame that Auerbach hasn't made a film since as on this evidence, she certainly has the ability and a 15 minute standing ovation at Cannes would further fuel that. A sweet and poignant little drama with fantastic performances all round. A film with a head and a heart and good feel for the moment.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Clint Eastwood's days of playing Dirty Harry Callahan are clearly behind him, and his latest film as star and director has him playing an age appropriate retired FBI profiler. It's a part that fits Eastwood, tailor-made for him even, and he's not the reckless, one-man police force that he made famous in "Blood Work". He's a heart patient this time out, and his vulnerability makes him easier than ever before to identify with. The film is a sharp police procedural, more laid back and mature than his "Dirty Harry" films, with a terrific jazz score and an unusual premise that grabs your attention and holds it. Unfortunately, things fall apart and they fall apart fast in the final act. The revelation of the killer is a joke, and it comes so far out of left field that it feels tacked on solely to throw the audience for a loop. It does just that, but it just doesn't feel genuine and betrays everything good that the film had going for it. The finale that features Jeff Daniels getting trigger happy with a machine gun, is quite simply ludicrous. He looks like Scarface, and that's completely out of place here. Also not fitting in is a supporting performance by Paul Rodriguez spouting inappropriate and stereotypical humor. It would have fit in during many other Eastwood films, but it doesn't in this one. I was also disappointed to see a romantic relationship develop between the star and his much younger co-star Wanda DeJesus. I was about to praise the film for avoiding that cliche, but it eventually gives in. There's a lot to admire about "Blood Work", but a lot of it goes awry in the last minute. Until then, it's a very enjoyable thriller.

Blair K (br) wrote: yeah ewan's character is rough and not very likable but still worth checking out if you are a diehard ewan mcgregor fan. hot love scenes as well.

Dolby W (gb) wrote: Mel Brooks' best film!

Robert S (es) wrote: Early, early James Caan. Kind of a weird movie but in a good way.

Twins S (kr) wrote: It's a nice movie to watch for those That suspend believes when watching a stop motion animation movie from the 50s..20 millio miles to earth It's a great Ray Harryhousen piece of work..a classic...The movie contains so many beautiful and still now memorable sequences of the creature fighting and running about in Sicily forst and then Rome Italy...It's beauty to the eyes...although the story doesn't add anything new to the equation Find/Capture/Escape/Rampage/Killof monster movies like the one of King Kong and Godzilla, it is still a good watch and never gets boring