Stepfather II

Stepfather II

The Stepfather escapes an insane asylum and winds up in another town, this time impersonating a marriage counselor. Now he seems to have found the perfect future wife, with a stepson who loves him. However, other people try to get in his way to marry her. They are interfering! One by one the Stepfather eliminates anyone who stands in his way to a perfect family.

The Stepfather escapes an insane asylum and winds up in another town, this time impersonating a marriage counselor. Now he seems to have found the perfect future wife, with a stepson who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassio M (de) wrote: Sad and mysterious. Makes you think.

Cody C (it) wrote: Great Herzog/Kinski stories. Probably required viewing before you're gonna watch any movies they made together. It's very important to understand their dynamic.

Heather M (fr) wrote: I am going to have to pass on this one.

Cody H (es) wrote: Absolutely terrible. The series should've ended after the third installment. Both the fourth and fifth movies were just awful. Grade: F

Harry W (fr) wrote: With little familiarity with John Candy outside of his role in The Blues Brothers, I thought that Uncle Buck would be a nostalgic chance to look at him in a more major role.The thing which I like about Uncle Buck is the fact that although the theme of the story feels like one from a sitcom, the delivery of the comedy does not follow such a style. Instead, it follows on with John Hughes' natural style of comedy with all the quick moving slapstick and clever visual style, and quite frankly it was refreshing to see it all. It is far from John Hughes' finest film, but it is clearly a step in the right direction for him which shows him working alongside John Candy excellently.The thing which makes Uncle Buck succeed is all surrouding the characterization of the titular character from both the screenplay and the performance of John Candy. The entire film revolves around him, and while in the process it neglects quite a bit of potential for comical situations regarding him interacting with the various other characters of the story, he is a really likable protagonist. Unlike most other movies of a similar nature where the main character is an unbearable fool who has no thoughtful regard for the good of others and simply commands an arrogant and self-obsessive nature, this time around Buck Russell is actually a very well intentioned man who happens to sometimes cause trouble. He always has the best intentions and genuinely cares about the Russell children. This makes him a very likable character and renders his presence in the film and the household a very welcome one for viewers. It may annoy the characters, but he is so easily likable that audiences are likely to find themselves siding with him. He is a great comic character is never milked excessively as the sole source of the comedy in the film. He is the main source of the humour in the film, but not the only one.John Candy perfectly anchors the heart of the comedy in Uncle Buck. His charm is really impressive because he plays the titular character Uncle Buck Russell with a clever edge and sense of realism instead of being just a one-dimensional comedy figure. He actually has a positive level of depth in the role which makes him a very welcome presence in the lead. He brings a certain dramatic edge to the film during some moments but plays it into the comedy elements of the film at the same time. He finds a sensible balance, but more importantly he is genuinely very funny in a likable way. The humour in the film is not bent off of him making cringe-comedy situations, it is predicated largely on the character's awareness of what makes a situation awkward and how he attempts to either avoid or capitalise on that. John Candy has a lot of awareness in the role of Buck Russell and is able to work very hard to make Uncle Buck a strong vehicle for him. And it pays off because the naturally comic themes of the film contribute a sense of energy to the comedy, and from there he is able to take advantage of that. John Candy puts a lot of life into Uncle Buck and easily contributes a lot of strong comic situations to the film with the charm of his edgy line delivery and his physical involvement in the leading role. He leads the film very well and in the process is able to compensate for a lot of its other flaws, even though some of the subplots relating to Buck Russell himself are not the most interesting.The flaws of Uncle Buck are that the energy in the film is not consistent. The film is not as funny as it could have been due to a slow moving pace and the fact that the film is more dramatic than it possibly should be. The atmosphere is not that much of a comedic one which lowers the potential for how many laughscan be delivered in the film. Admittedly the script is funny and John Hughes gives stylish direction, but there is a lot of potential in Uncle Buck which it fails to truly capitalise on. It remains a good comedy, but not a great one.Uncle Buck is a very old-fashioned film. It is a very 1980's style feature without going over the top in use of tropes. It has a lot of situations which were more prevalent in films back then, and that along with the John Hughes style of comedy gives the film a joyful sense of nostalgia. It is fun to watch because there is a lot to look back at, and it is interesting to see how far comedy films have come since then. So while it is not one of John Hughes' finest films, it is certainly an entertaining effort on behalf of him which features his iconic brand of comedy. And he is able to bring out the best in the cast.Jean Louisa Kelly does a good job in Uncle Buck. She plays a bit of an archetype in the role, but she does it well. She easily captures the introverted and awkward nature of the stereotypical teenage girl and is able to create some laughs based on the chemistry shared between her and John Candy. She plays out her role easily with organic acting skill and delivers all of her lines in a very natural fashion which makes her seem very genuine in her role, so Jean Louisa Kelly is another good casting decision.I was never much of a fan of Home Alone beyond my childhood and didn't think that Macaulay Culkin had the gimmick to carry an entire comedy as the lead, but in Uncle Buck he plays a pivotal supporting role which capitalises on his charismatic young charm without ever being too much. In the role of the young boy of the family, Macaulay Culkin fits the profile very easily. His youthful charm is very welcome in Uncle Buck because he has a lot of lighthearted energy which is great for the atmosphere of the film, and his scenes feature a boost in energy which make the film more likable. Macaulay Culkin contributes well to Uncle Buck and proves just how well he can do in a supporting role in a performance which is one of the key factors leading to him being cast in the first two Home Alone films.Laurie Metcalf also makes a nice touch.So while it isn't as funny as it could have been, Uncle Buck is nevertheless an easygoing and charming comedy film which benefits from John Hughes' iconic style of comedy and John Candy's excellent leading performance.

Graham M (gb) wrote: Awesome movie from a character study standpoint. Harris and DeNiro are awesome but the movie can be a little dry

carina c (es) wrote: Is not is very best movie but Viggo is okej

Andy C (es) wrote: Ranking right up there with "Top Secret!" among the best movies on the French Resistance. OK, so those are the only 2 I've seen.