Stephanie's Image

Stephanie's Image

A documentary filmmaker investigates the murder of a former model and finds that everything she's been told about her death is false.

A documentary filmmaker investigates the murder of a former model and finds that everything she's been told about her death is false. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (fr) wrote: Wonderful documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving, whose case on interracial marriage went to the Supreme Court. Full of home movies and behind-the-scenes interviews. Highly recommended.

Daniel D (mx) wrote: A good storyline with some touching moments and a great movie for Father's Day. You may not fully believe the film and what happens, but that is what happens in movies sometimes. The characters are likeable and well-written, I would suggest this to anyone who is a fan of indie dramedies.

Stephanie P (nl) wrote: Long, pointless, rambling movie starring a wizened and disturbingly wrinkled Michael Douglas, as a relentless philanderer who decides to pursue and bed countless young women after his doctor tells him there may be something wrong with his heart. The hours slowly stumble by as we are subjected to unsavoury images of Douglas 'seducing' countless women, in a bid to show off his 'technique' garnered from years of sexual experience. As expected, his life ends up in tatters when he can't find work, can't pay the rent, is forbidden contact with his grandson, and is turned down by a woman. Not really sure what one's meant to make of the anticlimactic, obvious, and rather lazy ending other than that maybe he finally realizes the shallowness of his ways. Frankly I didn't care what happened to him in the end and felt it would have been more exciting if his heart had exploded in glorious technicolour.

Erick F (jp) wrote: Decent little movie. Awesome soundtrack. Fantastic animation. Cool fight scenes and cool dialogue. Anything else? Not so much. But that's enough for me. Solid concept & execution.

Bryan T (kr) wrote: Gentle, intimate, and quietly moving.

Monica H (ag) wrote: I REALLY want to see this!!!

Kevin C (gb) wrote: Slow, uneventful and dull. But, of course, that's the point. It's effective at what it tries to do, but not all that interesting

E F (it) wrote: You don't have to have an interest in European Football (soccer) to like this film. It is all about finding your own way of living, and it is heartwarming to follow this young man Ecki through the perils of finding just that.

Z C (au) wrote: I always assumed that the reason Burton didn't continue was because Batman Returns was a schlocky, campy, stupid mess full of Burton cliches and more scenery-chewing than a colony of termites in a prop warehouse. The story was weak-sauce, the costuming was like Donatella Versace exploded all over the Addams Family house, the whole look of the props and scenery was comically fake, the acting was laughable, and the movie commits the cardinal sin of completely wasting Christopher Walken.They might as well have gone through with plans to cast Eddie Murphy as Robin. It couldn't have hurt. Once you get Danny DeVito spewing black shiat from his mouth while making crude sexual jokes and standing around in his soiled underwear, and Michelle Pfeiffer offering perhaps the most excruciatingly cliche Catwoman performance ever put to film (with dialogue that would have made Julie Newmar groan at the banal level of pussy-related puns), you might as well have Eddie Murphy just reprise his Axel Foley character for a comedic take on Robin.If I never see Batman Returns again, it will be too soon. The only good things about it were Keaton's performance (despite the shiatty dialogue) and Gough's ability to remain somewhat respectable despite being knee-deep in black-and-white-striped Burton droppings.

Steven L (kr) wrote: Indonesia film making meeds the Western civilization. The original terminator (almost shot for shot) mixed with the legend of the South Sea Queen makes for an quite interesting blood and action filled good time.

Bradley K (jp) wrote: The central mystery that drives this film is so engrossing that the viewer almost relishes in the most mundane details, searching for meaning.

Cory S (gb) wrote: A terrifyingly real glance at our future.