Stephen Fry on Wagner

Stephen Fry on Wagner


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Carlos L (br) wrote: I think this is cheap and a wanna be gangsta movie.Never try to get this sorry excuse of a movie.

Jennifer M (us) wrote: similar to "maria full of grace" minus the happy ending. only stand-out performance was from eric balfour, though colin hanks played a pretty good sidekick. I will forever be saying, "Jonny!"

Dan G (nl) wrote: i dont know what the point was but it has a great cast but some pretty ropey plot blines and woody allen is as awful as he ever has been in it.

Ida K (nl) wrote: I always find movies about other cultures fascinating. In this case, it gives you a peek in the lives of Hasidic Jews. You get to watch Chaja find herself as a young woman. The ending brought tears to my eyes!

Ryan K (nl) wrote: Avgn reviewed this and its hilarious and messed up.

Simon M (fr) wrote: Cheesy but decent killer doll flick. More like Poltergeist than Child's Play.

Makand D (br) wrote: An epic tail of 2 kids...that's it. Two stupid kids that run off and realise, the world isn't quite what they expected MAN I LOVED THIS FILM!!!

Carlton R (ca) wrote: George Raft is badly cast as Capt. Gerard, the greatest lover in the Foreign Legion, is assigned to escort an emir's daughter to her father's mountain citadel and find out what he can about the emir's activities. Sadly Raft is void of emotion throughout the film, almost to the point of being laughable, although at the latter end of the film he relaxes a little. He is just not suited to the role, Some of the acting in the beginning is poor, and at time's the script and music give it a comedy feel. Raft falls in love with with the The Emir's daughter, causing problems, and a lot of deaths, real legionnaires were used in the film, some ex german soldiers who surrendered and joined, For me the film flows poorly, bad casting, bad acting, and a poor ending, It's hard to think that Raft was once a dancer and lover of Valentino, yet on screen his acting talents were limited, Marie Windsor, Akim Tamiroff however were excellent throughout.

Mahmoud Z (fr) wrote: not bad for a documentary-themed near future sci-fi thrill, good plot & screenplay, not much of an award material but overall it is a good underrated movie.

Jason C (us) wrote: Is the tween source material an excuse for the suspension of disbelief necessary for several key moments of this film to require superhero powers? This is good stuff for younger viewers but adults are likely to find it thin in places and the ending is rather abrupt to say the least.

David F (de) wrote: A mesmerizing portrait of life in the Australian bush during the 1890s, it shows the high costs and the satisfying rewards granted to those who either can or must live independent of the expectations they've been saddled with by those around them.