Stepping High

Stepping High

STEPPING OUT Sima, while stunningly beautiful, has failed to fulfill her dreams as a professional dancer. She is on the wrong side of thirty, being aged out, and is forced to take a job as a teacher at a conservative local high school. Much to her surprise, it sparks the choreographer in her -- a talent she has been nurturing in private not only to battle her self-doubt and depression but to create a new and unique fusion of belly and ballroom styles.

Tensions rise when a choreographer (Palmer Davis) introduces a new style of dancing at a conservative high school. And the only way out is for them to perform her controversial dance on the biggest stage to a hostile audience in a volatile, charged climax that is a powder keg on a short fuse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanna G (de) wrote: though made for tv, i was captivated by the crazy romance which was supposedly magnified into something it really wasn't in her real life... a very american shirley maclaine did bring you back to reality rather abruptly during her intermittent flashes to the present, but there was something magical captured in the backdrops of the period and her spunky character, a charming movie to watch alone with lots of blankets, hot cocoa and warm popcorn.

Corey C (it) wrote: A bit busy, but some nice acting. Liked the bit with the killer; the troubled granddaughter character, unsure of what that was about. Byrne and Linney are generally pretty good.

Im El Capitano A (de) wrote: I saw this at the library years ago and have never taken it home to watch. Now I live somewhere else and I cant find this movie anywhere.

Steven B (de) wrote: "Put that coffee down! Coffee's for closers only. You think I'm fucking with you?"

Amber H (es) wrote: You have to love this movie. It's crazy, funny, and has a wicked little love triangle.

Jenna I (mx) wrote: I... didn't laugh once. Bummer because the concept could have been great. The last act is the best part of the whole movie, mostly because of the sets.

Francis O (ru) wrote: Whatever you do, avoid them big black pots!

Caitlin H (us) wrote: This movie had me rolling with laughter, the special effects were...not so special, but it was made in the 50's so who cares...just watch this movie, and laugh.

Ioana (au) wrote: cool soundtrack but that's it!

Thomas P (de) wrote: Not the best DC animated movie.