Stereo Future

Stereo Future

Keisuke, an aspiring samurai-movie actor lands a major role in a new film, but must contend with a director who has nothing but scorn for him, but who continually fawns over the film's obnoxious ham of a star. Meanwhile, Keisuke has been dumped by his girlfriend, Eri, after she becomes heartbroken when he considers working full-time as a bar manager rather than pursuing his dream. Through her job as a translator, she meets an Italian professor who claims to talk to trees, and who immediately starts trying to woo her.

Keisuke, an aspiring samurai-movie actor lands a major role in a new film, but must contend with a director who has nothing but scorn for him, but who continually fawns over the film's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calvin Z (it) wrote: Some what predictable but still compelling story of a rebellious teenager and the Daddy that knows best but requires it in a demanding way.

Justin T (jp) wrote: it's a good story but it was a bit long. Sitting and watching about a lion for over an hour is too much. There were times that was really slow and boring, like watching the lion walking around. The only interesting scenes were the hunting and fighting. Basically the whole mission was to hunt a buffalo. The beginning was interesting, the middle not so much. The ending was nice showing how she reunited with her cub but I find it weird how she becomes friends with her enemy at the end. I give credit to the camera crew who film this. I can imagine the great difficulties and dangers following the most fearsome predators.

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Millo T (ag) wrote: This Wilde is a nice man, but lacks most of the originality, witness, provocation and pride of the one who is transmitted through its work and sentences.

Paul D (br) wrote: Gere has a history of playing irreverant spritely characters, but his performance here is neither outstanding not enough to elevate a rather dour drama.

Lalaina R (de) wrote: le film pour les tits jeunes qui ont soif d'amour mais ne veulent pas se mouiller pleinement pour se proteger de la peine et des difficultes de l'amour. Pour toutes ces filles qui ont longtemps cru qu'etre forte c'est de ne pas montrer ses vrais sentiments, ne laisser paraitre aucune emotion qui nous envahit...A toutes celles qui se privent de vivre l'amour pleinement et faussent le jeu. Car une fois qu'on s'abandonne, sans calculs, sans plans et tactiques farfelues et manipulatrices, on experiment l'amour,pur et surtout reel. Et la plupart du temps ceux qui voulaient fabriquer l'histoire au lieu de la vivre dechantent...

Scott K (br) wrote: How did I miss this film until now. Entertaining as hell retro, futuristic, noir, rock and roll musical. Bill Paxton! Rick Moranis! Diane Lane! Wilhem Dafoe as the wonderfully named Raven!

Jon C (nl) wrote: Greatest of Westerns and most American of all filmsThis greatest of Westerns and most American of all films is so famous as to hardly need a formal review as a movie, and at any rate discussion of it is easily found in countless printed and on line sources. For those who've never seen it, I'll only say that this 1948 Howard Hawks epic of John Wayne, with his adopted son Montgomery Clift and sidekick Walter Brennan undertaking the first major cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail is one of those supreme classics, like Hitchcock's Vertigo or Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, which is as appealing as entertainment for a general audience as it is impressive as a work of art to critics. It's also undoubtedly John Wayne's best role -- reportedly John Ford upon seeing it exclaimed, "I didn't know the son of a ----- could act!" Noted film critic David Thomson has written that this is his favorite movie.Criterion has recently (2016) put out an excellent 4-disc package, which includes both the theatrical release and the more tightly edited director's cut, both on Blu-Ray and on standard discs, in an immaculate transfer of a wonderfully clear print, with interesting and valuable extra printed and video materials.

Andrew U (us) wrote: This is a gritty and realistic crime mystery with Liam Neeson playing a private investigator. It's a slowburner but well worth the journey, and the men he's going after are equal parts enigmatic and deplorable.