Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

When Steve Jobs died the world wept. But what accounted for the grief of millions of people who didn’t know him? This evocative film navigates Jobs' path from a small house in the suburbs, to zen temples in Japan, to the CEO's office of the world's richest company, exploring how Jobs’ life and work shaped our relationship with the computer. The Man in the Machine is a provocative and sometimes startling re-evaluation of the legacy of an icon.

In his signature black turtleneck and blue jeans, shrouded in shadows below a milky apple, Steve Jobs' image was ubiquitous. But who was the man on the stage? What accounted for the grief of so many across the world when he died? From Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, 'Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine' is a critical examination of Jobs who was at once revered as an iconoclastic genius and a barbed-tongued tyrant. A candid look at Jobs' legacy featuring interviews with a handful of those close to him at different stages in his life, the film is evocative and nuanced in capturing the essence of the Apple legend and his values which shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saniya K (jp) wrote: funny!!!!!!!!!!!laughed my heart out!

Nicholas D (mx) wrote: A pseudo-documentary & mildly executed tease. Is it about the individuals that make low-budget home/horror films? Is it a study in gender roles in genre films? Are these films low-budget horror or misogynistic soft-core porns? All in all, the documentary doesn't come off scary or informative, but more uninteresting and flat.

Joe M (nl) wrote: Unconventional and somewhat engaging story. Acting is all round good, especially Olsen and Isaac. Great period feel and costumes.

Jonathan D (kr) wrote: One of the most beautiful, moving and important films I've seen.

Pearl L (nl) wrote: Excellent characters and story

Whitlee N (kr) wrote: Love it all time fav. You will want to watch it over and over again I do... It's freaking hilarious!

Zhara M (ag) wrote: Nem mesmo actores como Denis Leary ou Steve Buscemi salvam o filme... Uma comdia / drama medocre.

Jeff G (it) wrote: awesome!! Nirvana ruled!

Patrick B (br) wrote: Great movie but should've improved with the dancing. If they have a sequel,they should think about that. But overall, it's a great movie.

Craig B (es) wrote: New York. Hip Hop. The '80s.Love it.

Robin H (ag) wrote: Bit of a c**p film but was sadly emotional.

Michael H (ca) wrote: A staple in the late 70s for international cinema and action. Slowly paced to build Max's character and giving meaning to the climax.

Sam T (mx) wrote: Excellent movie good for the whole family from 1 to 99. Morgan Freeman does an outstanding job which is something he does so well.