Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool

Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool

The life and times of actor Steve McQueen, on the 75th anniversary of his birth.

The life and times of actor Steve McQueen, on the 75th anniversary of his birth . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sophia Q (nl) wrote: Strictly average. Neil Nitin Mukesh overdoes it. Sonal Chauhan looks gorgeous and acts well. The scares were mildly scary and mildly comedic. I wouldn't recommend this one, but it was fine as a background movie while I was cleaning the kitchen.

Bill the B (es) wrote: Anything Bo Burnham related is a must see.

Louis D (es) wrote: To cut it short,Nice soundtrackastonishing camera workIt's just a good movie

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Luis O (au) wrote: Amazing portrayal of history, no wonder it did not do sit well Chinese audiences. Another masterpiece, specially if you can understand the language as the English subtitles do not give it justice, talk about "Lost in Translation"......

Johnny B (es) wrote: Not the best of the series, but watching a young Leonardo DiCaprio take on the Critters is pretty cool.

Otageemeur L (us) wrote: One of the worst movie I ever saw! It is a French musical comedy with uninteresting characters, very bad songs & music, stupid plot and bad acting...

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STCENTERPRISE (nl) wrote: This was very good movie. Steven Spielberg did a great job telling this story.I was surprised by the movie. I was surprised to find that the two were not arrested sooner. It is surprising how much support the criminals got in Texas. I was surprised by the ending. With the exception of one of them getting shot the other got off pretty well. The amount of police cars chasing them is crazy. I was also surprised how the police were so lenient to the criminal's demands in giving them what they wanted.It was impressive the amount of police cars chasing the criminals car. It seemed a little over kill to have soo many follow just one car for something that might only need like 6 police cars at most. It was also surprising how long the police were pursuing the Lou Jean Poplin and husband Clovis.Some of the wide landscape scenes look interesting There are some funny moments like the crowds cheering on the convicts to get their kids. It also gets to be unbelievable with all the police cars following them.I liked the green and red lights used inside the police cars at night while they are talking in the radios. Especially in the scene between the two Louisiana police officers. I never realized that the Louisiana Police Troopers got into a car accident during the first time I saw this film. I also did not recognized in the first showing but caught during the second viewing was all these pedestrians who were armed trying to stop these convicts. And All the police disarming the people who were attempting to shoot the convicts when they drove through the town. On my second viewing I recognized and appreciated these long one shots inside the car where the camera was moving around while the car was driving but with ver few cuts inbetween when the criminals are making their first demands to the police. Also I appreciated the scene where the Warner Brothers Wilde Cyody cartoon and the window reflection of the carton as we see the Cyody reach his fait and the irony of the convict Clovis who had just earlier been asking of his wife Lou Jean what if we are not able to get their son. Then what? Then the Warner Brothers cartoon depicts his eventual fait. I do think that the font for the credits for this film is very small and hard to read especially on the T.V. Screen. I am surprised by John Williams score for this film since it has very little as far as score music. His score really only plays about 6 times I would say. I think that if there is any music it comes from the radio, places they go in the background and so fourth. I also was surprised to see Boy Scouts in this film in the first large crowd scene and even at the end they start guiding traffic out of the area. It was interesting to see gas sold for .33 cents per fallen in this film.One thing I think is unique about this film is how this film shifts between different tones but does not transition through the technic of music. This film goes from a criminal film, chase/ suspense film, action, romance, a comedy, police drama, and tragedy all in one without distinct music queues used to distinguish the transitions to the audience. Therefore this film can be difficult to try to define. I like the scenes where we are in normal talking situations and we learn a little back story about the three characters in the car. It becomes obvious towards the end of the film that the relationship Statius of the police officer to the convict changes from doing his job, wanting to stay alive to towards the end of the film he still has that but he no longer has fear that the prisoners will kill him because he has created trust and a bonding relationship, he also cares about the fait of the convicts. I like that the relationships go somewhere in this film. I also like that this film shows how unusual these circumstances were and how the media almost interpreted them as heroes.

Matt M (ca) wrote: Van Sant's tale of the misadventures of two male prostitutes, one narcoleptic and childlike, the other a rich young man rebelling against his father's wealth and power, mixes scenes of gritty street life with a bohemian feel and Shakesperean theatricality, which is directly quoted. My own private Idaho is intelligent but also conceals a sweet inner core that sometimes shows, particularly in the friendship between the two leading characters. The acting is a little off beat, perhaps unable to keep up with the flair of such an unusually original screenplay, but nevertheless, the colourful characters and the story feels fresh and sexually charged all throughout.

Cathy B (jp) wrote: Surprised itself and had its moments. Not the worst thing I've seen