Jack, Thomas and Wayne are the Stickmen. They like nothing more than having a beer in one hand, a pool cue in the other, a coin on the table and their mates around them. They play pub pool for fun and money at Dave's bar. Desperate to get out of debt, Dave gets the Stickmen entered into a high stakes pool tournament run by vicious crime boss "Daddy". He also gets them into a whole rack of trouble.

Three young men unwittingly become involved in an underground pool tournament. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stickmen torrent reviews

Oscar T (jp) wrote: Excelente documental sobre la vida y obra de una de las mentes mas brillantes del cine. Un repaso sobre cada una de sus peliculas con sus curiosidades y comentarios de cada uno de los implicados,

Jon S (es) wrote: You need to see this movie. Like right now.

Amelia B (ca) wrote: i saw it already on utube and i love it <333

Mark N (mx) wrote: The final scene of the movie feels like it was from a far better movie and where this film should have either started or got to in the first 30mins. The early effects are bad and off-putting and yet they improve massively through the film and by the end are really simple and effective. All credit to the makers for their successes its a shame that the early flaws are what many will see and dismiss the film for.

Aj V (us) wrote: When you overload a film with talent, it generally falls flat, and that is exactly what this movie does. It's not bad, but it's just not funny. All the different actors are doing their own thing, and they just can't find a way to fit together in a consistent comedy tone. The story isn't great either, but it could have been worse.

Angela P (ag) wrote: What a depressing, but good, movie.

Dean H (it) wrote: I loved the characters! Except Feathers.

Matthew A (es) wrote: A rescue ship picks up the lone survivor from an earlier space probe to Mars. Col. Ed Carruthers is promptly accused of killing his entire crew despite protesting his innocence while proclaiming that an alien monster had been responsible for the deaths of his crew members. Soon enough, crew members aboard the rescue ship begin disappearing one-by-one. For Carruthers, it's deja vu all over again as his rescuers must deal with an alien being that's virtually unstoppable. The special effects show their age along with the acting. But, this is a tidy, little science fiction picture, which inspired Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, Alien.

Courtney S (mx) wrote: Very fascinating and different for Kurosawa. I have to admit that I was very distracted by trying to figure out when Toshiro Mifune's age, but I don't think he did a bad job. A movie that I think is drawn out for a reason to drive home the point, to explore the nature of fear and the fact that most people do push away these kinds of reactions to very real threats.

Taichi Y (mx) wrote: Literally couldn't get through the entire thing in one sitting, so boring compared to the ones that came before it. None of the new characters were interesting in my opinion and Jack couldnt hold up the story on his own, especially one as lazy as this one.You might be thinking that half a star is too harsh for a mediocre film, but they didn't have to make this movie until they had a script worthy of continuing the series and they jumped straight in anyway.