A black doctor ex-convict returns to the all-white town he knows as home and discovers a deadly disease threatening the citizens. He must fight prejudice and time if he is to save the town.

A black doctor ex-convict returns to the all-white town he knows as home and discovers a deadly disease threatening the citizens. He must fight prejudice and time if he is to save the town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stigma torrent reviews

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Only made it 15 minutes before turning it off. Disappointed because I like Kevin Hart. Maybe his next one will be better.

David D (nl) wrote: Not nearly as bad as they say

Raphael Y (ag) wrote: O escolhido da Frana para o Oscar 2012, em muito lembra o indie americano Like Crazy, s que aqui alm do amor existe tambm um motivo a mais, o filho Adam que tem um cancr cerebral. Um filme pequeno e ntimo de como tal situao muda para sempre a vida dos dois e como lidar com isso. Um filme bonito, mas no espetacular. Gostei mais ao saber q o filme baseado na vida dos protagonistas que realmente passaram por esta situao. Vale a pena conferir!

Greg V (mx) wrote: A great little story- not entirely typical storyline, which makes it all that more enjoyable.

Kieran C (es) wrote: Top film, thanx... i see that some have failed to see addiction speking through the voice box of man...

Jackson M (kr) wrote: Just dumb and terrible. Complete waste of time. Very very stupid.

Inta K (gb) wrote: kinda stupid and not terrigying movie

Cat B (gb) wrote: Another Stephen King adaptation that makes a pretty good film. It's not a film for everyone though. The Johnny 'Oh he's so fit' Depp fans won't like this, as it's a more of a Psychological film, not a film where you can just sit back and watch.(Not meant as an insult to anyone who takes it that way). I mean, he is damn attractive, but you have to watch his films, not him like you're about 12 or something. This film has good moments of tension, and it it well displayed.

Dustin G (nl) wrote: As one of the only Nirvana home videos available for a long long time, this packs all kinds of stuff into it. Performances, interviews, broadcasts. I like how it's very bare bones as well. They don't try to hide Kurt's sickness'. When he's healthy he basically looks it. When he's sick he looks really sick. A very honest representation.

Krunoslav K (fr) wrote: Evocative and subliminal tour de force about many social and philosophical issues. Criticised for gore, praised for satire. Powerful performances from the leading actors. Some technical limitations make it seem naive/shallow, but contentwise it's not. Each shot is a statement.

Sean C (gb) wrote: So idiotic you will giggle; it has wizards and giant trolls and poorly rendered spiders. The narration exists slowly to spoon feed the children audience.

Marita L (us) wrote: Billy Fisher has trouble finding his way in life, and when life gets to be a bit too bothersome (it often does), he retreats to his very own imaginary world, where he is anything but a loser. This is a quite good 60`s film in black and white; beautifully shot and with a solid dose of comedy. Good acting as well, especially from Tom Courtenay who really shines as the rather hopeless but still likable character Billy Fisher.

Michael H (au) wrote: An astronaut is killed and impregnated (in that order) by an alien carpet, come to usher in peace to humanity by massacring its populace.

Zoran S (fr) wrote: A sublime film. One of the great American films.

John R (jp) wrote: 160401: No offence intended but David Bowie, RIP, you sucked in this film. And just when you thought the music couldn't get any worse, the next song starts. Another Muppet movie that failed to live up to the Muppets. Dark Crystal 2? No, seemed even weaker than that, though I have to admit it grew on me a bit as it progressed. 2 stars.

Jason P (ag) wrote: Good boat chase through the bayou.