The seemingly random killings of an assassin puzzle her former lover, a wealthy Greek crime boss whose organization is jeopardized by his love for her, and the detective following her rising body count

Two crime lords were assassinated, then a series of other gangsters were, too. The biggest suspect is Raina, a beautiful Russian girl and the girlfriend of Vadalos - one of two lords assassinated survives luckily. The gangs and their intercompany fall into chaos and suspicion so they kill each other. Beck - an intelligent criminal inspector but he is controlled by Vadalos, he is forced to seek the perpetrator… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stiletto torrent reviews

Lee M (nl) wrote: It'd be a complete eye-roller if not for the ferocious Hahn ripping through the thin script like a comedic atom bomb.

WS W (au) wrote: Fair, although rather cliche.

Sudakshina B (ag) wrote: Pas mal. Ce n'est pas aussi divertissant que Am (C)lie, mais c'est un film doux, en g (C)n (C)ral. Comme toujours, l'actrice Audrey Tautou a (C)t (C) un plaisir regarder. Alors, le voir si vous l'aimez! :)Not bad. It's not as entertaining as Amelie, but it's a sweet film, in general. As always, the actress Audrey Tautou was a delight to watch. So, see this if you like her! :)

Romn H (nl) wrote: Me dio mas miedo mi ultimo estado de cuenta.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First viewing - In my early twenties)

Rakesh P (ru) wrote: Is this the sequel to the movie with the midget that fights dragons?

Christin L (kr) wrote: OMG I love this movie.. it is so smart!! I bet the director is a genius.. i freaking cried all night wen i watch the movie.. now im interested in german movies... and plus this sort of movie has no r scnes in it so its o good..

Michael G (kr) wrote: this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. 2$ at Hollywood Video, go buy it.

Ray C (nl) wrote: Never anything before or after it. i dare you forget this movie!

Natasha C (de) wrote: Chilli/Rozonda Thomas stars

Justin S (fr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies. This is probably the best out of the Dirty Harry franchise.

Joey F (de) wrote: This film is so wonderfully idiotic. Mimiko is one of the most likable characters Miyazaki has ever written, and Takahata's direction is just icing on the cake. Again, it's incredibly dumb and silly in many ways, but if you're up for something dumb and silly, you will love this.

Noname (de) wrote: A quite decent comedy/romance flick. Story is about a guy (Ben Stiller) that starts dating with a gorgeous girl and "finally" gets married but have he really found the right one... Some funny scenes altho not one of Stiller's better ones but i enjoyed it and im sure u might aswell.

Theo M (de) wrote: Four stars for the colorful spectacle, none for the storyline. Maybe the plot would have been clearer with a narrating voice-over, but I fear Fellini wanted the story as fragmentary and bizarre as it turned out. The movie seems to be a two hours comment on the extremes of 'la condition humaine', from laughter and delight to fornication, sodomy, aggression, mutilation, murder and cannibalism. I must say, the kidnapping of the albino hermaphrodite demigod was one of the more surprising scenes. I recognized one folktale halfway the movie: the Widow of Ephesus. While mourning over the body of her late husband, she starts making love with a soldier guarding a gallows. After people have stolen the corps on the gallows, the widow decides they have to hang up her late husband in his place.

Copper F (kr) wrote: Hey - another famous Hound!

billy m (jp) wrote: not one of the best war film

Michael D (it) wrote: ashley tisdale is so hot

Greg W (mx) wrote: "Certainly inspirational and occasionally haunting, with great effects, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is also a bit overlong and padded."

Melody S (ca) wrote: Jared Leto. ??????