Stiletto Dance

Stiletto Dance

Two undercover police officers must try to prevent a multi-million dollar nuclear arms deal among several mob factions.

Two undercover police officers must try to prevent a multi-million dollar nuclear arms deal among several mob factions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (ag) wrote: What a great movie and an interesting look into the lives of two artists!

Sarah L (ca) wrote: SPOILERS AHEAD! This movie has some technical issues which are quite annoying. The real world perception is done in CG animation but the first problem is that it is not very good CG animation. The characters expressions seems dull, lifeless and doll like for most of the movie. Also the portrayal of corpses and organs floating in space at the beginning of the was just awful. They didn't look in the slightest bit real. However, the portrayal of space, the collapsing surface of Aegis 7, and the explosion of the planet, I thought, were quite good. The survivors are interrogated and during each of their narrations, the animation changes to Japanese anime style with slight variations in each of their stories based on how that character perceives the world around them. It is an interesting method of story telling but the characters were so unpleasant to look at in some that I found myself wishing the segment would hurry up and end, even if it meant going back to the dull CG. However, regardless of whose storyline it was in, I thought the Necromorphs were done quite well. Buuut, there should have been more Necromorphs and less of the characters. Which brings me to my next point. While it is a considerable improvement over Dead Space: Downfall where the main character seemed angry beyond reason the entire movie, I still found myself greatly disliking some of the characters. The foremost being Dr. Stross. The movie did an excellent job of getting me to hate this character. Cheating on his wife with Dr. Cho, causing an outbreak on the ship just to satisfy is scientific curiosity, later killing his wife and baby under the influence of the shard, then nearly getting the survivors killed, and acting insanely for most of his screen time. But what is most irritating is that he is the one who gets to live. At least, he will spend his days living out his worst fear. Another irritating character was Dr. Cho. Having an affair with a married man isn't exactly going to earn her much sympathy and neither is having sex on the job. However, her saving grace comes when she punches Stross in the face.But only because he is much more unlikeable. Aside from that and the affair, there isn't much to the character. Kuttner and Borgas were a bit more developed but the CG kept ruining it. In the anime parts they weren't bad. However, the makers of this film should really have stuck with what made Dead Space a success. Being scary. After seeing Dead Space: Downfall and the video game Dead Space, Dead Space: Aftermath is disappointingly unscary. Not that the Necromorphs weren't scary, it's just there should have been more Necromorphs and more deaths via Necromorphs. The battle against them seemed short because more than half the movie was buildup or the interrogations. The story would have been better off done in real time where there is an uncertainty about who will live and who will die. Uncertainty = Scary. By showing us the results at the beginning, nearly all uncertainty is gone. Also, the frequent drawbacks to reality of the interrogation room make it unscary. What made Dead Space so scary was that it was unrelenting. Even when checking your stats you could be attacked. Frankly the film would have been better done in live action, real time, with more detailed CG Necromorphs or entirely in anime format. The choppy artwork just kept reminding me of how bad the CG was every time there was a switch back to real time. The plot was interesting through and developed the Dead Space story to Dead Space 2. It would be interesting to people who like Dead Space but should have stuck with what made Dead Space a success.

Patrick W (ca) wrote: As the producer, I believe that this is the perfect movie to first introduce your 4, 5 or 6 year old to Jesus. It is also surprisingly interesting to adults, as it is the first movie about Jesus that has laugh out loud comedy in it! It is also the best animated movie about Jesus ever made that is both Biblically correct and includes the Crucifiction and Resurrection (except for dogs that only talk to each other)!

Crtis W (it) wrote: This was pretty bland. The overall concept was messy, and the whole zombie-baby thing just did not work out too well. It did sustain my interest somewhat, though.

Aleshia H (ru) wrote: Disjointed and awkward -- and not in a charming way. By the way, why does everyone feel the need to get his ass out? Not necessary. This could have been great. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

Ryan B (fr) wrote: Maggie Gyllenhall delivers one of the most fragile yet gritty performances I've ever seen. The entire film rests of her ability to be able to either endear her character to the audience or let the somewhat flimsy story weigh her down. What Maggie Gyllenhaal is able to do is run the emotional gamut in such a way that the audience can't take its eyes off from her. She deftly balances redemption with the ubiquitous gloom that has been her life up until the final scene.

Sergei K (jp) wrote: Not very impressed. Acting of Sandra Bullock in this movie make this movie somehow more interesting.

Larry W (ru) wrote: More love letter than sequel to its predecessor that never quite grips you, but still leaves a lasting impression. Under-rated, but probably only for fans of The Last Picture Show.

Bill C (gb) wrote: Set in the 1940s? That's interesting enuf in itself.

Sergio M (gb) wrote: i love pasolini and i love this film and its religious connotations. a messianic terence stamp arrives and seduces both emotially and physicaly the whole household, including the servant. i loved all that part. Then, as suddenly as he arrives, he leaves, and in the second part we find all the characters traying to cope with his absence and quite simply failling. simply brilliant. my favourite is the servant, of course, when she becomes a kind of a nettle-eating levitating saint. maybe i liked it so much because of that certain buuelesque feel the whole movie has...

Jesse F (au) wrote: A Hitchcock masterpiece. And arguably the most inspiring horror film ever made. This is how a horror film should be done.

Dan H (au) wrote: So dumb kinda funny. Elephant part was a little much.