Still Life

For more than three decades, aging Iranian Mohamad Sardari (Zadour Bonyadi) has worked as a crossing guard at a desolate train station. Through the years, Mohamad has done little to stifle ...

He lives with his wife in an unadorned shack; a few bare trees dot the threadbare landscape. Mohamad Sardari has spent thirty years at a remote outpost raising and lowering a gate to keep road traffic from crossing tracks when a train passes. From Iran, Tabiate bijan, by Sohrab Shahid Saless, is a minimalist study of lonely, isolated existence

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Users reviews

Alex F (ag)

It seemed a bit long. Artistic, with some interesting symbolisms. Mothers should watch this film. Love sometimes can be too much for some people to handle

Alex S (kr)

Better than I expected

Connor D (ca)

/10. Cheesy goodness

Daniel L (ca)

If you don't like this movie we can't be friends

Faial K (ru)

. . . but she's definitely a great storyteller. . . Aparna Sen may not be a good director. . sometimes i forget that film is about a story after all. . . the way it interwines between the impossibility of love between two strangers and tragedy of human beastility is just brilliant. . . when the film reveals its catalyst, it just shocked and at the same time mesmerised me scene after scene. . . but i'm glad i didn't. . . i almost stopped watching it after the first 20 minutes. . . There're lots of things that i think just wrong about this film- sloppy direction, unsophisticated execution

Kestergillardhotmailcom K (jp)

Great. Great, bitchy dialogue and real emotion. Wonderful ensemble piece starring some of the prime 1930's female stars at thier best

Kevin M W (it)

A decent effort artistically and aided by well done voiceovers. Brisk delivery helps to keep this animated tale from the doldrums even while traveling over familiar characterisations and plot devices

Kim B (br)

if the movie would've just stuck to Midian without all that extra plot complications it would've been better and shorter. i liked the mythology, dreams, and prophecies of Midian. it was kind of a fantastical movie like legend or the labyrinth. i liked the mystery and how u never knew where the story was going. i really liked the scene where she is searching for boone and uncovers the underground lair with all the diff horror characters. it is full of 90s cheese? did it have plot holes? were the characters one-dimensional? yes! that being said it was very creative and unusual which u have to admit is very rare in the horror genre

Lorraine T (de)

otalement irrel ^^ a donne envie de vivre dans le mtro!. . l'un des premiers films de Besson

MULUJ B (ag)

nedovoljno dobar pokusaj kopiranja guy ritchiea, ali da se pogledat