Still Mine

Still Mine

An elderly couple fight against local authorities in rural New Brunswick to build their final home.

A film based on true story about the love of a 80 year old man to his wife. Craig and his wife Irene move to a more suitable house for her as she begin to show signs of dementia. Unfortunately, he faces the restriction of local authorities and he must fight against them to build his house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason W (ca) wrote: See it. Fucking greed.

Aaron C (ag) wrote: A charming little movie with a quirky twist on the rom-com formula, For a Good Time, Call... is elevated by the breakout performance of Ari Graynor, while at the same time pleasantly balancing heartfelt moments with raunchy humor.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Following on from 'Evolution' we see both the lycan and vampire species under threat from humans after being hunted down to the brink of extinction.You know what to expect here and boy do you get it in spades, slow motion high flying kills, double gun totting shooting, swishing blades, spurting blood and endless dumbass man fodder to thicken the brew. In short its exactly like the newer 'Resident Evil' films and you half expect Jovovich to pop up and take over. The super lycan serum which results in an uber lycan is pretty much the pinnacle of crapola in this franchise now, a total 'Resi Evil' idea type rip-off and it lowers the overall class of the whole series. The plot isn't tooo bad, they manage to carry it on quite well and do a good job with keeping Corvin around despite Speedman not being involved, but the rest of the cast is pretty awful really. Charles Dance seems to be there only to provide a new Viktor type character and he clearly has difficulty speaking with his fangs in, he even tries some of Nighy's head movements. The rest of the supporting cast all come across as B-movie fare frankly, even previous vampire actor Rea can't help the cause.The whole film feels very basic really. Some terrible CGI effects (worse than the previous films), bad greenscreen scenes, the lycans look like shaven rats, transformations are pretty dreadful looking, the 'vision' perspective looks crap and the young Eve looks like something outta 'Mortal Kombat'. Everything basically looks plastic and fake.End of the day it does what it says on the tin and we all know what this film is about so I can't moan too much, but I just get the feeling they should of left it alone. They really have gone way way over the top with all the slow motion action sequences. The fact that Selene can kill endless lycans yet no one else can, just destroys your suspension of disbelief...even in this universe. Yes its an over the top fantasy flick but there is still a limit for any Mary Sue type characters, or there should be.The thing is I can see this franchise really being completely milked into the depths of the 'straight to DVD' abyss. A shame as it is/was a half decent concept with some solid ideas and reasonable early entries. Alas this kind of W.S. Anderson-esque film making is becoming infuriating in a highly tacky way.

Ian M (mx) wrote: One to check out at some point!

Lindsay S (it) wrote: Went into this knowing "a little" about the band, but not enough to know how accurate this was. Keeping that in mind, I really enjoyed the movie! I'm definitely interested in getting a hold of some of the music, sometime soon. =]

Daniel C (es) wrote: Half decent british con man film. Some good acting makes up for the weak script. This film was definitely made for late night cable TV on a Tuesday night - only watch it of you're very bored.

May D (us) wrote: My very first anime movie... & I'm glad it was. Awesome.

Bill N (ag) wrote: good! super hot kim bassinger sizzles

Jimmy M (it) wrote: Probably Jarmusch's most effective film brought to life by its three leads who play life long losers with clashing personalities who end up in a prison cell together. Benigni is electric as an italian tourist who speaks little enligsh and has mother issues. Waits is also great as a talented DJ who keeps getting fired due to his pride. Great cinematography with long contrasty takes the really allow you to soak in the black and white setting.

Steven S (br) wrote: This movie has a great question: Would Hitchcock be proud? In a sense, he'd probably get a good laugh of all the parodies Mel Brooks has done in this comedic spoof classic. Brooks has written this comedy, dedicated especially to the master of suspense. The story involves a man with vertigo, that is about to run the institution for the very VERY nervous. It seems to be run by a couple of nuts, who seem to want everyone to still be paranoid. It's up to the doctor (aka, its played by Mel Brooks! Applause!) The movie later shows up to be what Brooks does with his movies: makes them funny as hell. This movie is really funny if you've watched plenty of Hitchcock movies. With great casting, such as Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Harvey korman, and Dick Van Patten, this will be a comedy that most people should cherrish. If you love parody and spoof, this is one you should most definately check out. Classic Mel Brooks, classic Alfred Hitchcock.

Gabo T (ru) wrote: No tiene la misma oscuridad psicolgica de las otras pelculas animadas emergidas de la serie. El guin logra ocultar eficientemente la identidad de Batwoman y mantener un cierto suspenso. Sin embargo la utilizacin del atuendo de batman queda como un elemento gratuito que no se relaciona con la identidad de ella. Regular.