Still of the Night

Still of the Night

When one of his patients is found murdered, psychiatrist Dr. Sam Rice is visited by the investigating officer but refuses to give up any information. He's then visited by the patient's mistress, Brooke Reynolds, whom he quickly falls for despite her being a likely murder suspect. As the police pressure on him intensifies, Rice decides to attempt solving the case on his own and soon discovers that someone is trying to kill him as well.

When one of his patients is found murdered, psychiatrist Dr. Sam Rice is visited by the patient's mistress and soon falls in love with her even when she may be the psychopathic killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Still of the Night torrent reviews

Staci L (nl) wrote: Very good. The whole plot is nothing like you'd expect.

Paige B (au) wrote: I feel it's underrated because of the straight to video release. The horror was lacking as were the special effects. Aside from that the plot was genius, original, unique, and addressed human psychology accurately. The characters were well developed, although annoying at times to make it realistic, staying true to the formula. Honestly it's better than watching 3 kids running through the woods screaming for a map for 2 hours, in fear of what could possibly be coyote and rednecks.

J F (ag) wrote: This movie breaks down Richard III into a more understandable piece of literature and also shows insight into the public view of Shakespeare from people all over. I really enjoyed Al Pacino's quest to bring Shakespeare to the masses in such a way that they may enjoy and appreciate it. My favorite part was the guy that talked about how Shakespeare teaches us to feel and so more of us need to be educated in his words, it actually made a lot of sense. This was a great idea done by one of the finest actors in cinema history.

Tom S (fr) wrote: Typical coming of age story with the usual Verhoeven add-ons.

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melissa a (nl) wrote: oh how funny... unsuccessful hooligans

Grey D (ag) wrote: swweeetttt!!i love these old horror movies

Silvia F (br) wrote: Blue Sky's Rio may be cliche-infested but it saves itself with dazzling animation and fantastic music numbers.

SagaciousFrank (ca) wrote: Typical Guy Ritchie Fare. Pretentious and in no way as clever as it tries to make out with its snappy and garrulous dialogue, featuring a plethora and motley mish-mash of under-developed characters and interlacing plot-lines that aren't fully fleshed out, and it moves along a little too quickly for its own good. Plot holes and loose ends aside, I can't for one moment believe that some of the strung out junkies and wasters could be that articulate and lucid in their discourse, especially if there were that high. Admittedly, that's a minor gripe which I could tolerate if the rest of the film wasn't such a disjointed, if mildly entertaining, mess. Sadly the style does not quite triumph over the dearth of substance on offer here. Almost, but quite. 2.5/5