Still Small Voices

Still Small Voices

A 911 operator receives a ghostly call from a child murdered thirty years before and becomes obsessed with unraveling the crime. What she discovers shatters her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A 911 operator receives a ghostly call from a child murdered thirty years before and becomes obsessed with unraveling the crime. What she discovers shatters her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xavier B (de) wrote: Amazing film with masterful focus and spectacle.

Serge L (es) wrote: Well done drama-comedy with a beauty gone pregnant and somewhat not wanting the baby. Solution? Kill it when you can, legally and with the support of family, friends and even the father potential. This film is located in the uncanny valley of love. It looks a lot like it but you realise at some point that it is a robot! It is an obvious attempt at white washing the serial killings of abortion. Well, if it's between englishes, who am I to stop it? *Shudder*

Uneshddarann N (fr) wrote: Have you ever watched a movie which at the end makes you feel that it's a good one, but could have been better? Well, this is a rare case, and Thaandavam falls into this category. Good directors like Vijay should avoid inserting cliche and silly scenes, forcing unnecessary fight and song sequences (though the picturization was an eye-treat) into the screenplay and leaving illogical loopholes in the storyline of a movie. Thaandavam could have been way much better with a fixed-phase screenplay and a refurnished story. Nevertheless, it's a decent execution with Vikram, beautiful cinematography, poetic scenes and breezy music being the strong pillars of the movie.

Leanne B (ag) wrote: Fantastic film that is strikingly shot, every shot seems to be like a moving postcard with nice wide angles to show of the sundrenched setting bt also to bring a more theatrical sense. The comedy will be lost on some, I have heard it describes as Napoleon Dynamitesque but this is much more dry and some people could find it boring. The ending is fnatastic and makes you realise this film is funny but has a deeper meaning behind it

Tory M (mx) wrote: worth a watch if you've got extra time.

matt w (es) wrote: This is just a strange film yet funny.

Courtney K (us) wrote: wow; was this the inspiration for fifty shades? because the resemblance is uncanny.

CJ A (nl) wrote: I mean, look. I'm all for a film that proudly doles out murder, cannibalism, gay rape, unwanted handjobs, bloody stabbings, and equal-gender-opportunity nudity. But not when they're all supporting some stupid-ass bullshit self-indulgent story about two unlikable characters that no one cares about.

Lance P (ru) wrote: Fun movie to catch up with on a NYE! The cast is a who's who of the 90's including the brothers Affleck, a sober(?)Courtney Love,Kate Hudson (was this her first role?), Dave Chappelle, Christina Ricci aka Val from ronkonkoma (wherever that is) and "hope's" grandma Val Martha Plimpton.

Joseph C (ag) wrote: This is a classic movie that all should watch when they're ready to learn about the world

Michael D (nl) wrote: a very low 3. an incredible cast. i think hoffman is the best one out of the 3 in the movie. the movie suffered from a poor plot and the ending didn't make much sense at all.

gary t (es) wrote: WOW.......WOW......WOW.....JUST SUCH A FANTASTIC MOVIE 2 WATCH........MAN I HAVE JUST SEEN THIS MOVIE 4 THE 1ST TIME N THINK THAT THIS IS SUCH A GREAT CLASSICS MOVIE 2 WATCH......ITS GOT A GOOD CAST OF ACTORS/ACTRESSESS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE......I THINK THAT Irene cara, barry miller, gene Anthony ray (.R.I.P.), Debbie allen, jim moody, albert hague (.R.I.P.), anne meara (.R.I.P.), play good roles/parts throughout this movie......I think that the director of this drama/musical/performing arts movie had done such a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.......I think that this is such a really well written/acted/directed movie 2 watch, I think that this is such a powerful drama movie 2 watch........its got such a great soundtrack throughout this movie......I think that this is far superior than the pointless 2009 remake as that movie was just dreadful.......Fame spawned a television series of the same name with Lee Curreri, Albert Hague, Gene Anthony Ray and Debbie Allen reprising their respective roles, a spin-off TV series, and a musical that opened in 1988 at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami, has played in London's West End since 1995. MGM has since produced a remake of this film, released in 2009. The remake received generally negative reviews in contrast to the original. Debbie Allen appeared in this movie, but this time, she played the school principal, Angela SimmsThe original screenplay was titled Hot Lunch and this was the title for the film until part-way through shooting when director Alan Parker noted a pornographic film showing on 42nd Street with the same title. For the rest of the shooting schedule of 14 weeks the script was just labeled "title". David De Silva noted that the porno film starred Al Parker so that confusion might ensue if the original title remainedman this is such a classics movie 2 watch, its got such a fantastic cast throughout this is such a powerful drama movie 2 watch with a superb cast throughout this movie it is such a classics 1980s movie 2 watch, WARNING THIS MOVIE CONTAINS STROBE LIGHTNING EFFECTS THROUGHOUT SOME SCENES THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE........

SugarCube I (it) wrote: i heard of it.. but hey i wasnt born in 1960 where im 18 yrs old watching it...i have know idea that it even exists...

Kevin N (nl) wrote: Stanley Kubrick was so ashamed of his first feature film that he shoveled large sums of money toward the company that held its rights in order to keep it from the public. Sadly, or luckily, the filmmaker has made far too big an impact on the world of cinema for any work of his to be kept in the dark, and although this film is a far cry from the rest of the director's nearly perfect oeuvre, it is a fascinating experiment in darkness, boundary and shame, human themes he couldn't shake even through his last film, 'Eyes Wide Shut' (1999). Kubrick would revisit the war film several times and he would treat the subject alternatively with tragedy, humor, irony and gritty criticism. But here he uses it most simply, as a time where people are pushed to their limits. Here, the fine line between human and animal is stretched and bended, and Kubrick injects his characters with a lunacy that is almost too far outside the boundaries of human identification for us to connect with it. The style of the film mirrors its characters' psyches, and what starts as a by-the-books war adventure involving four crash survivors on enemy lines soon turns into a wild excursion into madness. The idea of bravery is what is explored most interestingly here. It is the idea that turns madness into heroism here, and it flip-flops identities in the film's final frames so that we are left wondering if there really are any "good guys". Who do we "root" for? What side are we on? Kubrick suggests an answer both simple and complex: the one we're on.

Steve M (de) wrote: One of Luis Bunuel's most successful masterpieces about violence among slum youth is a powerful and unrelenting look into social behavior. There are characters you absolutely hate and the film doesn't sugarcoat anything.

MF J (fr) wrote: Wow this film is actually one of the worst piece of film making I have ever seen. It's so bad it's beyond fun! Part horror part comedy this film never really manages to find it's tone and ends up being a massive dud! Warwick Davies is really awesome as the Leprechaun and manages to be the best thing about this film. Everything else look, sound and is cheap, bad and clich. Anniston must pray for people to forget she ever was in this film, while the rest of the cast and crew is probably still having some laugh about this joke. Some sequences are really awesome though like when the Leprechaun steals a toy car and speeds on the highway and a cop stops him... that was mythic. apart from unintentional laughs and some interesting camera work, there is really not much to chew on with this vapid flick. Still one must say by today's standards it's one of these cult classic so bad it's great to put on the same shelf as Anaconda or The Room.

Charles P (ag) wrote: Valhalla Rising is a too exasperatingly laborious and self-important to be a notable experience in the "Heart of Darkness" tradition.

JPCheng P (it) wrote: Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious!

Brad G (au) wrote: Tim Daly (Wings!) swoops to the rescue when he sees poor Kelly Preston (John Travolta's Wife!) getting smacked around by a pony-tailed 80s yuppie outside his gym--so begins poor Daly's cheeey decent into witchcraft and madness. If you can handle satanist schmultz like The Devil's Rain or Race With The Devil than you can probably find some solid enjoyment in this iffy B Movie. Plus, it has an excellent early entry in the career of badass character actor MC Gainey. VF.