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After Shenaniganz loses all its hottest waitresses to new competitor Ta-Ta's Wing Shack -- where the scantily clad wait staff earns bigger tips -- the Shenaniganz staff aims to give Ta-Ta's its just desserts. This sequel to the 2005 indie-comedy hit welcomes back familiar faces, such as Nick (Andy Milonakis), Natasha (Vanessa Lengies) and Calvin (Rob Benedict), and features cameos by Justin Long,

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:band,   waiter,   dancing,  

On the last night of the fiscal quarter, Dennis, Shenanigan's manager, will be promoted to district manager if they have a $9000 day. To motivate the crew, he tells them the restaurant will... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (us) wrote: Extremely well executed and unique storyline. Aamir Khan was amazing as usual, Rani/Kareena were awful as usual. All leads up to a very powerful conclusion with a twist that may be predictable but still surprising.

Rafael V (it) wrote: I don't even know why they keep making movies like this.

Ruthie G (kr) wrote: this movie was a amazing movie to see cause leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet were amazing in this movie..

Mallory H (es) wrote: I liked it. Amazon hates it.

Priti P (nl) wrote: First and foremost, the movie has nothing to do with its name. It is based on Esther Freud's novel of the same name. It's a simple and nice partial journey of a hippie (by heart) English woman along with her two kid daughters. And this journey of hers is solo and not in a group or caravan. She is a gypsy by heart who is absolutely untouched by money and grandeur. What she seeks for her daughters and herself is the true meaning of life and the opportunity to live life as it is intended to be lived i.e. with the soul.Morocco as the movie background serves as a good setting for such a storyline. Kate with her divine face has acted well. Actually it does not feel that she is acting at all. Maybe somewhere she believes in the character. An interesting study that you find in the movie is the impact of a hippie lifestyle on the children. It is amusing to see the elder daughter argue with her mother (the protagonist) to get her admitted to school in spite of her mother's nonchalance to do the same! The movie clearly shows the ease with which they adapt to any new environment, get attached to people, provide and seek assistance at the drop of a hat and are at absolute ease without any money!All in all, it is an interesting movie to watch if you wish to understand the actions and reactions of a gypsy soul.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: Toshiro Mifune plays a ronin who wanders into a small town torn asunder by a gang war. A display of his skill as a warrior causes both factions to seek to recruit him, but the samurai is more interested in playing both sides against the middle. The plot of Yojimbo is standard issue, but director Akira Kurosawa films this movie with an energetic mobility and darkly-comedic tone that transcends genre. While it does borrow quite a bit from the Westerns of John Ford, the new aesthetic terrains it explores gives little cause to wonder why Yojimbo was one of the most influential films on the Spaghetti Western genre that would soon come to prominence (For instance, Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars is an unauthorized remake of this movie).

Kajori A (de) wrote: A Good Marriage is yet another talky Rohmer film set in the contemporary milieu about middle-class people and their sexual peccadilloes. It follows the trials and tribulations of a plucky though naive young woman called Sabine who decides to give up her married lover one day in a fit of pique and get married herself. Marriage for her is the surefire way to having it all - love, financial security and respectability. She openly pursues the lawyer Edmond, who is way out of her league and knows it, and who clearly does not share her plans for matrimony. He is polite and awkward, she grimly dogged. Funny, reflective and consistently charming, Le Beau Marriage is an acutely observed portrait of a young woman who, despite her single-minded determination to find love and marry "up", is fragile and surprisingly self-deluded. Sabine's inevitable disappointment in the end is less tragic than embarrassing. In short, typical Rohmer.

Ester A (au) wrote: Amazing movie. I laughed and cried. Fantastic acting. Bravo.

Greg R (ca) wrote: While I have seen better westerns in terms of story, Rango is still a smart, creative film that is very visually impressive. Gore Verbinski I thought nailed it creating a sort of realistic but charming western world and giving it that feel true to its genre.

Anna N (it) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.