Stille Liebe

Stille Liebe


Verena, the mother superior at a German convent, tells the story of young nun Antonia. Born deaf and taken in by the convent at a young age, Antonia was raised to be a sister. At the age of 27, Antonia begins commuting to work at a men's shelter in town. There she meets handsome pickpocket Mikas, who is also deaf. Mikas courts Antonia and the two become lovers. But when Mikas is tragically killed by police, Antonia decides to take her fate into her own hands and travels to America where she will study to become an actor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Julien A (es) wrote: Petit film se voulant une comedie avec du fond sur la mondialisation en parodiant Jean-Marie Messier. Quelques moments sympa, mais le procede de faux docu deja vu par ailleurs est assez artificiel et les raccourcis trop faciles.

Mike D (mx) wrote: Trying to be cool, but ultimately very uncool indeed. Often even extremely embarrassing.

Robert P (jp) wrote: Horrible plot, terrible acting, one of the worst scripts ive ever seen, but I do appreciate the gore effects for such a low budget film.

Robert I (au) wrote: They got a good looking lead and they put WAY too much effort into making this (filmed in 3 states in 14 days) -- However, there's no excitement nor romance. I could write a better Tomb Raider porn. Lara Croft deserves better than Cara Loft.

Gabriel K (gb) wrote: Loved the idea of using a bicycle as the central point of presenting the struggles of modern Beijing society. The screenplay is outstanding as is the cinematography and acting. For both main characters, having a bicycle serves only as a means to an end - for one it's having a job while for the other a love interest. The premise seems to be that sometimes going after something at all costs, does not pay off in the end. Everyone loses and life is not fair.

Adrienne L (us) wrote: Exotica is moody, somber and mesmerizing. Mia Kirshner plays an alluring stripper named Christina. There is much more to this girl than swaying hips and a school girl's uniform. She has a secret connection with a mysterious client, is employed by an unhappy pregnant woman who is in love with her, and is the obsession of a jerky dj she's recently broken up with. Lots of cameos. Very intriguing story. Great score. I love it start to finish. A personal favourite.

Adam G (fr) wrote: Stunningly beautiful, innocently sexual coming of age story, expertly shot and acted. Only marred by a few questionably absurd actions/reactions by the characters.

Kendall I (mx) wrote: This movie is one of the funniest ANYONE will EVER see! Cosby tells about life at its best and worst,from the birth of his kids o when they become teens. From a normal dentists appt. to a good time hugging the toilet. My favorite most def has to be the dentist. "My febice!" Bill Cosby truly is funnyman of the world.

Joshua B (it) wrote: While not as good as superman it is one of the best entries of the franchise, The leads still act as good as the first one and Terence Stamp plays a great comic book villain as the powerful Zod. The writing and screenplay give it a sense of epicness and there is a lot more action and the effects are just as good as the first one. The thing that stumps it is Richard Lester's direction wich makes some of the fight scenes devolve into slapstick comedy and the villains seem to spend t much time making jokes at the expense of a poor small town sheriff. Despite this, it is still an entertaining watch.

Carlton R (jp) wrote: This sequel came out 7 years after the original, and had this been a commercial success then a third was planned with the survivors ending up on their way to a hearing, but get trapped in a train tunnel on the way, but it was never done, but later adapted for a Sylvester Stallone film, This movie is very different to the novel but The boat manages to stay afloat despite a huge hole in both ends, despite this a tugboat find the ship and set out to claim salvage rights, [what no Army or Navy? To check for further survivors? Also a group of bad guys who want to get the plutonium! Off the ship, whilst pretending to be Greek Orthodox medics. Although there was no mention of plutonium in the first film, and just why would a Passenger ship be carrying it, I have no idea! Also other people still alive try to fight their way to to surface. I always hated Veronica Hamel being stabbed, but there is a lot going on in the film, it has aged well, and is far from bad, The cast is great with some really big names. But it is a ridiculous story,but if you can put that all aside , it's enjoyable afternoon viewing.

Steve S (nl) wrote: ** (out of four) A fairly early film for Chuck Norris. Viewing this unambitious and dull movie, it is hard to see why Norris was able to build up such a fan base. Here he offers little to no charisma. Riding the popular truck driving and C.B. Radio wave of the the mid and late 1970's, "Breaker Breaker" is about a California small town that doesn't play nice with outsiders. When J.D.'s (Norris) little brother, Billy, goes missing after driving into the town, J.D. invades the village with ass-wooping on his mind. Even the action scenes look dull. I kept wishing that in Norris' fight scenes with the Deputy (Ron Cedillos) that Norris would come out on the losing end. No such luck. I hope that wasn't too much of a spoiler!

Eric H (it) wrote: One comes from this film with a horror of the criminal rather than a wish to emulate. In this real time robbery, murder and car-jacking, Bava takes us to the precipice, the edge of reason and finally beyond all semblance of humanity.

Neil O (it) wrote: Not as bad as reviews would make out. Dean steals the picture from Frank (partly due to Frank's unsymathetic character and partly due to being so good) and is so very funny he makes you over look the shortcomings of this marriage-swap comedy. An enjoyable way to pass a few hours.


bill s (ca) wrote: The original was barely passable then you water it down and pass it off as a sequel.....what bull$hit.

Ben L (ru) wrote: Many years ago I saw Young Frankenstein and I remember enjoying it just like I do with almost all Mel Brooks movies. It wasn't until this rewatch that I might be his best movie. The effort they put into making it look like a classic black-and-white monster movie is totally worth it. It feels like the perfect spoof of a classic.Gene Wilder is hilarious. He plays anger for comedy better than anyone I know. The opening scene where he starts ranting at a student in his class was great! One of my favorite aspects was how Wilder and Marty Feldman played off each other. That kind of silly banter is totally my kind of comedy. "There wolf" is such a stupid joke but I was laughing so hard. There's lots of other great performances by amazing actors in this movie. Peter Boyle, Madeline Kahn, Teri Garr, etc. and all of them are at the top of their game. There's even a cameo by an unrecognizable Gene Hackman that was great. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that Young Frankenstein really worked for me. It's a superb comedy, and it reminds me how great spoof movies used to be.

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