Stinsen brinner... filmen alltså

Stinsen brinner... filmen alltså

The stationmaster is trying to prevent his station from being closed. The train isn't coming and he has to explain to the waiting trainpassengers why it's late, while other people is trying...

The stationmaster is trying to prevent his station from being closed. The train isn't coming and he has to explain to the waiting trainpassengers why it's late, while other people is trying... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay K (ca) wrote: starts off slow but revs up to a good comedy

Private U (ag) wrote: This movie was so bad words fail me. Dreadful script, wooden acting, a completely unrealistic plot, literally the worst movie I have ever seen. Do not buy or rent this movie unless you want to lose time you will never get back.

Kinch K (de) wrote: The opening scenes of this movie are perfect. It's rare that I tear up in any film, let alone the first scene, but there was so much joy and life and humanity captured in the early frames that it was hard to bear and I found myself a little choked up. The rest of the film is great too: part gritty tale of dignity in poverty; part other worldly fable about cosmic balance; part political statement; part environmental apocalyptic tale. There are a few problems in the third act, and in the handling of the beasts themselves, but in the context of all the marvelous goings on in this film, the problems seem trivial. The child actor in the lead will break your heart, possibly the most adorable little girl in the world!

Brian C (ag) wrote: One would think with Lance Henriksen in it, it would be good. But sadly we have yet another copy of the great Canadian movie Death Ship....or its remake Ghost Ship. Nazi ghosts, blah blah blah, crap happens, and it stinks. Oh yeah and throw in some typical macho US soldier crap... True classic.

Peter F (it) wrote: Although essentially conceived as a tribute to Yasujiro Ozu, it's not necessary for one to know of that Japanese director's work in order to enjoy this film. Quiet, closely observed, and patient, Cafe Lumiere is a fine meditative offering from recent Japanese cinema. Decide for yourself if the storyline gives the right amount of payoff, though.

Iris S (fr) wrote: Precisely casted creepy and innovative political thriller describes the reality of the world you may not know much about it. One of the best movies of this genre you have ever watched.

nini d (fr) wrote: a bit disappointing :(

Marsian S (gb) wrote: This could have been a decent movie if they did not go for the cheapest, most cliche action dialogue possibleAlso there are numerous confusing moments such as :Blade throws UV lamp grenade in sewer water Vampires break van sunroof and disappearsInconsistent infection time of supporting charactersConfusing villain motivationImmensely obvious jumpscares

Robert M (it) wrote: A good start on what is probably known as the most adventuress and most epic fantasy series since Star Wars. The fellowship may be broken, but the strength still withholds in each individual from the group. Some parts of the film didn't really seem to relate to me or feel important when it came to the overall story, but it was still well worth the three hours of discovery for the most part. The items that really make this film exceptional are the incredible sights of scenery, the legendary music, compelling characters, and a clever theme. I had a pretty good time during this. There really isn't a film alone in relation to this theme that could compare to even one of these three films (besides maybe the Hobbit series) It may be a long movie, but the journey has just begun. 3 1/2 out of 5, but the extra half is mostly for great overall film craftsmanship.

Arron M (ag) wrote: Cute campy fun and full of mama cass

Luke C (ag) wrote: Best footy film ever made

Nathan D (kr) wrote: Thanks for our freedoms whatever they may be. Please world learn from past mistakes and horrors. Intriguing concept I enjoyed watching. The book would have been great I bet.

Zack T (it) wrote: Bad. Just horrible. Not even funny bad like Under The Cherry Moon. Just plain horrible. Music is good though. Props to the person who made the sets though.

jean V (au) wrote: Wow! Pulman was incredible and the main story is pretty good. A great sci-fi movie.

Qi Z (kr) wrote: A romantic farce with verve and energy.

Jessica L (fr) wrote: one of my all time faves, I love Sophia Loren!

Borhan K (ag) wrote: A English Russian action suspense thriller that is actually quite good. I am going to leave this one short and sweet only to say its got Ballet and Ballet literally kicks ass in this movie. UFC we have another form of martial arts "Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like a Ballerina"Guys this is got the action you are looking for and the girls its romantic too. but the story is turned on its head when the girl takes her vengeance.There is one scene in the movie the chick fight one on one 2 girls and the girl that is the main character Maya kicks the other butch girls ass using Ballet. All i can say guys is don't mess with a girl that can kick behind her head :POhh and not for the kiddies.

Paul C (au) wrote: Amongst the best of Seagal's most recent output - and that is not saying much at all. It does however have lots of action, a gorgeos leading lady and a few other recognisable faces - though the acting is as usual sub-par and the storyline downright stupid. One for after the pub!

Nick H (de) wrote: Endless laughs. Hockey humor at its finest.