Stitch follows the story of grieving parents as they cope with the loss of their young daughter. At the height of their desperation, they turn to their best friends for healing advice, who lead them into the deep desert for a weekend ritual meant to burn away emotional baggage. Unfortunately the amateur ritual goes awry, and cosmic forces are unleashed, revealing something sinister ravaging each person with a progression of gruesome, medieval surgical scars. As the stitches rip skin and tear apart relationships, a battle for survival ensues, forcing the couples to come to terms with loss, betrayal, love, and hope.

Grieving parents go to a remote house with two friends for a weekend of healing and accidentally unleash cosmic forces. As the stitches rip skin and tear apart relationships, a battle for survival ensues, forcing the couples to come to terms with loss, betrayal, love and hope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed T (us) wrote: Gay World ! Gay World ! :(

Peter P (jp) wrote: Ok concept, but it has some terrible acting and cgi, plus it makes very little sense. So, I got pretty much everything I was expecting out of watching it.

Douglas D (jp) wrote: Please see my double review listed under 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' for my detailed review of 'Boogie Woogie.'

Carol H (ca) wrote: It just didn't have that "It" factor most Disney movies have.

Jeffrey P (de) wrote: Starts off quirky but fine -- until the quirks build in intensity and ultimately capsize it. It's a shame, because all of the leads make the film charming and compelling without the bizarre fish imagery.

Landon M (jp) wrote: How did we go from a simple horror movie in a cabin in the woods to a horror comedy set in medieval times? Sam Raimi, that's how. This movie is hilarious, and if you didn't watch Evil Dead 2, you would be confused as heck to see this paired up with the first two movies. This is the campiest, the funniest, and the most outright weird entry in the Evil Dead franchise. Despite this, it is my least favorite. That doesn't mean it doesn't have incredible scenes. The acting is hilarious, Bruce Campbell owns the role of Ash again, and the stop-motion visuals work well with it's campy tone. It truly is an impressive feat when you look at it's visuals, even if it does look dated today. Sometimes the movie slows down, and overall it feels like the most conventional, despite the wackiness. The first two are so unique in story and visuals that this ultimately feels like a medieval comedy that plays out like you would expect. It doesn't have the jaw-dropping "I don't know if I'm supposed to be scared or laughing" moments, but as this movie isn't much of a horror movie, it doesn't bother me too much. Overall, it isn't as unique as the first two, but it is ever-so entertaining. Hail to the king, baby! 8.5/10

Robert M (it) wrote: Joyce's great short story from The Dubliners brilliantly done by the Huston's.

Lee K (br) wrote: cheese with a capital c.

Caleb M (au) wrote: A fascinating watch.

Gregory W (us) wrote: I still can watch this one over & over

monsieur r (es) wrote: I don't give out rottens very often, and believe me I like Richard Burton in anything, but this movie really stunk up the place as a WWII yarn. It just had something about it that was poorly done. Maybe it was the direction, the shooting of it. I don't know, I am not in the business of being too precise about why I didn't get a good feel about this film. Barely worth watching once, if only for Burton's fine acting, but that couldn't save this one, even for me.

Simon C (de) wrote: Doppelgngers freak me out

Jennifer T (it) wrote: The part that sticks out in my mind when I think about this movie is the part where Cary Grant is pleading the judge to let him stay with the little girl-it is such a sad scene. Applejack was a good friend to the couple. Nice, old, little black and white movie about a couple looking to adopt a child. I'd watch it again.

Tim M (ca) wrote: Powell and Loy are great as always as their iconic characters Nick and Nora Charles. This third film in the series still has the humor of the first two but lacks a little on the sharp wit. Another great mystery though with some great moments such as a lot of ex-crooks bringing babies to the Charle's baby's first birthday (Shemp Howard of Three Stooges fame is one of these crooks).

Brandon R (fr) wrote: Not a bad remake really, throw the first DOTD out the window and forget about it and just enjoy this modern day horror flick.

Feroa M (ru) wrote: Terrible sequel movie. Sidney Poitier is a great actor, but the movie had a terrible script. Hmm, it appears I said terrible twice.

Brad S (au) wrote: - Watched it a 3rd time now. I just love the story and find the film pretty much perfect in every way. An absolute must watch!- 2nd time watching this and I enjoyed it just as much. I think any film geek will really enjoy it, the film pays tribute to a ton of classics. It also balances drama and comedy really well and has great performances from the young leads, but also the supporting actors such as Molly Shannon, Nick Offerman and Jon Beranthal. Might be my favourite film of last year. Check it out.-First really great movie of 2015 that I've seen! It has all the earmarks of being cheesy movie of the week, but it's so well executed, written and acted. It's about friendship, and movies. Really enjoyed. Don't want to say too much, just seek it out!