Stockholm Marathon

Stockholm Marathon

A gardener decides to exact revenge on the men he believes to be responsible for the death of his mentally disturbed wife.

The gardener decides to avenge the death of his mentally disturbed wife by killing the men he considers responsible. One of them is a pop star that takes part in great marathon race in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Svetlana B (kr) wrote: Actually that wasn't that bad. Actors have fun, the scenario is not to serious, it looks like they really did want to to something acceptable with a rather low budget. Perfect for a laid-back evening with cookies & a slumber party!

Johnson C (nl) wrote: The plot is stupid, but the MMA style get points back.

Joseph L (ca) wrote: After I watched this film, I was surprised for two reasons. I didn't think it would bore the shit out of me throughout its entire running time. As for number two, I never really liked Loki, but surprisingly he was the only part of this snoozefest that was quite interesting and likeable.

Kim B (ca) wrote: Better than flags of our fathers and one of clint eastwood's best. It was a thoughtful, well constructed movie showing what the enemy side went through during the battle at iwo jima. Unfortunately for them they were sorely outnumbered and less equipped in every way. The main character is very relatable as are most of the other important characters. I liked the score a lot and found the movie to be very believable. Well acted and while not a happy movie, an important one. Its a bit of a long film, but it tells many stories of different forgotten Japanese heroes. Shows a lot about the culture of Japanese in regards to honor, including suicide before being killed by the enemy and obeying authority as well as duties to the emperor. Some scenes are pretty graphic and horrible. Couldve been a bit better but a different take on most war movies.

Derek L (au) wrote: Its not like there was anything really bad, but it was slow moving and hardly enough going on to interest me...there wasn't much development.

Cinderella D (kr) wrote: This film is Peter Falk's favorite, he holds this film the closest to his heart... and i can understand why.

Mark T (kr) wrote: A (very) guilty pleasure. The best of the first three films in this never ending series.

Garth D (es) wrote: Hey look, it's one of Viggo Mortensen's first starring movies!Also, it sucks. It is extremely slow-paced with precious little happening for the first hour+ and there is so much shit that is either unexplained or poorly explained. Motive is questionable, and what the hell is the point of having the "original" guy also played by Viggo if it has absolutely no bearing on the plot.

Melissa R (kr) wrote: Saw this movie IN THE THEATER. Gave me nightmares for MONTHS. Fell in Love w/tall, blonde Englishmen.

Farah R (kr) wrote: I just watched this again after years and I've forgotten that it's a pretty good movie. The plot is intriguing and the suspense builds up to a satisfying conclusion.

Paul S (de) wrote: very sweet treatment of the human condition.

p b (us) wrote: It's good old Dolph in a typical "Dolph" movie :)