Stockholm, My Love

Stockholm, My Love

Stockholm My Love is a city symphony, a love letter to Stockholm, the fiction debut of director Mark Cousins and the acting debut of musician Neneh Cherry. It follows one woman's footsteps through the streets of her native city, on a journey of recovery from a bad thing that happened to her exactly one year before. It's an exploration of grief, identity and the power of architecture and urbanism to shape lives, and a celebration of the power of walking and looking to make us all feel just a little bit better. With new music by Neneh Cherry, old music by Benny Andersson (of ABBA) and Franz Berwald, and images by Christopher Doyle and Mark Cousins.

Singer Neneh Cherry makes her acting debut in the latest experimental essay film that follows a woman as she travels through Stockholm on a journey of recovery to find peace and understanding from something bad that happened to her a year earlier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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