Stockholm Stories

Stockholm Stories

The lives of five seemingly unrelated lost souls intertwine in Sweden’s chilly capital in this delicate and wryly funny ensemble film. A precocious yet untalented young writer, a friendless advertising genius, a tight-lipped workaholic, a shy upper-class boy with a secret crush, and a recently dumped young woman all come to realize hard truths about love and life over the course of several days.

Stockholm Stories is a contemporary and humorous multi plot drama about five people whose paths cross during a few rainy days in November. Young metropolitan writer Johan, obsessing over ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew B (au) wrote: One of my favourite singer songwriters a lyrical genius and artistic powerhouse. This movie gives us a glimpse into his troubled, turbulent and amazing life. A must for any fan of this geniuses music

Don S (kr) wrote: To showcase the 50th episode of a reality show about paranormal investigators, the cast from the show and the cast from a rival show are allowed into what is known as the most haunted place in the US, and old hospice turned military hospital turned insane asylum in WV. The show is mysteriously cancelled after episode 49; this is the raw footage of the lost episode. Average to poor acting only mildly hampered my interest in this subject. There is a creepiness that pervades the movie. Not great by any means, but I liked it.

Bill R (au) wrote: a decently done cave adventure that falls short of being great do to some cheesy moments that just kill it's momentum. There are some tense moments and I'm sure if they dropped all the cussing it would have made a pg13 rating that would have justified the movie as a whole.

John M (ca) wrote: So good, but so stressful. So during the plane hijackings on 9/11/2001, three out of the four planes hit their intended targets. This is the story about the one plane that didn't, and the heroic actions taken by the passengers that prevented the plane from reaching the White House. Just being honest here, I've been putting off watching this for 9 years now. It is very upsetting material, and from what I heard, this was the best made one on the subject matter. I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to watch this, given that I was well aware that this was going to be such an overwhelming experience, but a list has no sympathy in that department, and given that is featured on the 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, there was no time like this past weekend to jump right in. Believe it or not, I'm not actually the biggest Paul Greengrass fan; I love Captain Phillips, but his overuse of shaky camera when there's no reason to have it usually leads to a disconnect with me, namely with the Bourne series. There are always exceptions to the rule, and this is a giant exception. There's two buttons you should know about me: 1. I have this thing about plane crashes. I'm not even afraid of flying, but watching portrayals/live footage of plane crashes causes the heightening of all of my senses, which makes me totally submit myself to the scene, turning down the volume on everything else, and 2. I have this thing about self-sacrifice. It gets an emotional reaction out of me, and it usually wins instant points. It's almost unfair to pit this movie against me, as this features both of these elements in such excess. This was one of the most emotionally draining experiences I have ever put myself through. I was nervous on pins and needles the entire time I watched this, forgetting to breathe through a number of the sequences. Even though you already know the end result, this keeps you engaged not only because of the excellent performances, but also because it gives you a great timeline on how it all went down on this fateful morning. I do like the decision to go with a cast of unknowns; if I was looking at a big famous actor leading the charge, it would very likely yank me out of the film. Looking at these people who I've never seen before deliver such top notch performances allowed me to really stay in the moment. This is a claustrophobic masterpiece that I'm not likely to watch again any time soon.

Maria A (es) wrote: It`s the end of our world,more elaborated than The Turin horse,but with the same certainty.Obviously, that`s why he has said that he will not make any other film.Though their styles are different, I find many similarities with Haneke, especially the seventh continent.Combining all these with the economic crisis, I feel sad for the future of Europe

Ruth J (kr) wrote: This is a oooold musical. It's a girly movie. It funny and I know all the songs. My sister and me watch it when we bake.

Edith N (de) wrote: Once again, I'm not sure I know what's going on. Certainly, I've lost track of most of the characters' names. I wanted to look up who played the evil white guy (heroin smuggler?), but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what his character was named. I don't know which detective had which ridiculous nickname, and it may only be because I actually recognized Redd Foxx that I was able to remember that he plays a guy called Uncle Bud. Deke O'Malley gets his named chanted, so that one was easy. As to what happens, that's complicated. Reverend Deke O'Malley is running what is probably a scam involving a ship called [i]Black Bertha[/i], which people will go from Harlem back to Africa on. None of them seem concerned about the fact that Africa is an awfully big place but that no more specific detail about their destination is given. I would suggest, if I can do so without seeming too pretentious about it, that Africa is more a symbol than a place to these people. To them, I think, "Africa" means a mythical homeland where all their wrongs will have been redressed and where they will be happy and prosperous, where they will no longer live in ghettos, were they will be in control of their own fates. It will not, for example, be the slums of Cairo; it will not be the war-torn Sudan. (It will not be pretty much anywhere in North Africa, where an awful lot of pale-skinned people live. I once had a substitute teacher in high school who was actually born in Egypt, and several of the black kids got really pissed off when he called himself African, because he looked white to them.) And wherever it is, it will be Christian; they are led, after all, by [i]Reverend[/i] Deke O'Malley. Anyway, there's $78,000 that gets "stolen" from Rev. O'Malley's organization. It turns out that this is a further scam; he's paired up with Mysterious and Evil White Guy (gun runner?), and the two of them together will take the money and, um, something. It would help, I think, to have figured out exactly what Mysterious and Evil White Guy was--he wasn't in the Mafia, because that was someone else, I think. Anyway, the money gets hidden in a bale of cotton, for some reason--no one seems to know why--and some vague sort of hilarity ensues. Mostly we see this through the eyes of a couple of cops--"Gravedigger" Jones and "Coffin Ed" Johnson--but I'd say about a third of the movie is other people. (I really don't want to draw a Sartre parallel, but I will if I have to.) The thing is, this was written and directed by [i]Ossie Davis[/i], for whom I previously had a great deal of respect. Now, not so much. This is a ridiculous movie, though it is pretty entertaining. I'm just not sure it's intended to be entertaining in this way. It's funny, for example. Now, I'm sure some of it is intended to be funny, and I'm sure some of it is just how badly slang-intensive dialogue from one era translates into another. But oh, man! I'm not sure how many blaxploitation films we'll get to, here. It in part depends on the library, I suppose. Do they have [i]Shaft[/i]? Do they have [i]Superfly[/i]? I can't say. They did not seem to have either of the [i]Cleopatra Jones[/i] movies; we'd've gotten to them by now. We'll just find out as we go along. We're almost to the letter D, for the curious, and it looks like we'll have to give [i]Coriolanus[/i] a miss, as the library's copy is in pretty bad shape. I will say that it's a Time-Life/BBC production, an odd combination, that seems to feel the need to let you know all through Act I that it [i]is[/i] Act I. In case you forget at some point.

Patrick K (mx) wrote: naff film that may be one of seagals best straight to dvd films but his powers are gone at this point....from the aikido to just the plain bad ass he always was

Lenny R (fr) wrote: I don't understand why so many people didn't like this. Granted, the premise is not exactly new, and I'm not sure katana swords are allowed in western action cinema anymore, but Everly is super stylish, awesomely violent and darkly hilarious, plus it has the magnificent Salma Hayek in the lead role - what more does a movie need? I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Helen E (au) wrote: Bit of a difficult one to rate. It was cliche of course but it was tongue in cheek...just got a bit confused as to how they wanted the movie to come across. The acting was pretty terrible but was that the whole idea? You just don't know! I thought Juliet Landau was cast perfectly and there was a sufficient amount of gore, but I just don't think it'll remain a classic for me being a horror movie fan and all. Very srange...gotta say though, I didn't see that twist coming...sort of threw the original slasher formula out of the window...kind of like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane although that's a much better film than this. It's worth a watch coz it is kinda original in a weird sort of way, lol, but for horror fans one else will get it!

Carlos M (ag) wrote: An appealing melancholy comedy with eccentric characters who are so very well developed, in a strange, unconventional narrative that invests in an offbeat atmosphere (as if out of a dreamlike version of New York) to tackle matters like loneliness and amends.