Stolen Eyes

Stolen Eyes

This is a story of strange, impossible, inexplicable love between a Muslim Turk woman and a non-Muslim Bulgarian man. Ivan (the Bulgarian) is a pure and romantic young fellow, who gets caught up in the so-called "regeneration process" (when ethnic Turks' names were forcibly changed to Bulgarian ones). He is responsible for the official seals, which is required to issue the new identity documents after the forced name changes. The schoolteacher Ayten tries to steal the seals, thinking that this way she can slow down the ethnic genocide. Their unexpected and unusual meeting brings these two characters together and makes them fell close, forcing Ivan to take a fateful decision -he must either "rename" Ayten, or face the consequences if he does not.

This is a story of strange, impossible, inexplicable love between a Muslim Turk woman and a non-Muslim Bulgarian man. Ivan (the Bulgarian) is a pure and romantic young fellow, who gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marie P (au) wrote: loved this. warm and quirky

Khurram A (br) wrote: All 10 stories had good stories n twists in the end. The performances by the cast was also great...

Chris C (kr) wrote: So-so take on the canon of Double Dragon,especially with the mutated henchman,Robert Patrick as the definitive evil asshole millionaire and.....Alyssa Milano in cut-off denim shorts bending over is the highlight of this cheesy schlockfest

Ron C (mx) wrote: bizaro fun--had heard references to it for years but finally saw it with seth.

Stefan G (mx) wrote: Almost immediately, Starman comes across as an attempt to capture the same sentimental mojo that made E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial a box-office smash. While this particular film is certainly more bearable in that regard, it still reeks of the kind of Spielbergian schmaltz that's almost guaranteed to make a ton of money. The story isn't really well written, which I would probably expect from a movie that is so obviously trying to cash in on Spielberg's more success sci-fi smash. However, I find that the performances at least make some attempt to bring genuine human emotion, even though all trace of a human touch seems to consistently get overshadowed by the prevailing air of sentimentalism. That being said, what makes the film somewhat watchable is that, in terms of sentimental schmaltz, it's not really forceful in its approach, and the film itself moves at a leisurely pace, but that tends to work to the film's disadvantage. In all honesty, it's not a bad film, and with its careful direction, it manages to avoid being saccharine in overly painful levels, although the ending doesn't help the cause by much.

Andr D (ag) wrote: Una barrabasada que mezcla a la protagonista de "Breakin" con Ninjas y juegos de video. Nada redimible.

Jenna G (gb) wrote: One of the most intense and disturbing films I've ever seen. Incredible cast and direction. The cinematography is unbelievable. You see the true effects of war here and by the end of the film, you may start to question your own sanity.

Mon K (ca) wrote: Nice little comedy with one of my all-time favourite actors - Jack Lemmon! He truly was a wonderful comedian and actor!

Chris H (ag) wrote: While there may be a few to many subplots and a bit heavy on the melodrama it is still a classic thriller that should entertain all audiences.

Torch C (ca) wrote: Fantastic. Just awesome. Even with 70 plus years of distance, this kind of art is just timeless excellence.

Christopher E (br) wrote: Strangely compelling but ultimately disappointing.

Loren R (ag) wrote: Eine kleine Geschichte um ein charmantes Gaunerpaar! Seit langem spielt auch Sean Connery wieder einmal in einem guten Film mit und man merkt es auch an ihm an, dass er Spass daran hatte. Auch Catherine Zeta-Jones gefllt es! So wie sie sich unter die roten Fden schlngelt, sieht sie einfach lasziv und sexy aus! Sicherlich sind manche Stellen im Film unlogisch und nahezu bertrieben. Aber mit den technischen Einfllen des Diebstahls und wie sich Connery und Zeta-Jones sich an zicken, ist es schon reine Unterhaltung.Fazit: Ein gut gewitztes und mit Charme Offensive gegen ein unlogisches Drehbuch. Connery versprht seit langem wieder Charme und Humor. Und sieht dabei wieder gut aus!

Niklas B (ca) wrote: Fascinating Movie with a lot of potential for a sequel and an moving character development.