Stolen Life

Stolen Life

After an AI robot on an asteroid mining facility disappears under mysterious circumstances the company sends an investigator.

After an AI robot on an asteroid mining facility disappears under mysterious circumstances the company sends an investigator. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcia V (ag) wrote: Sadly inspirational.

Lyndon G (de) wrote: Ulzhan is damn weird. I loved it at the VCU French Film Festival in 2008, and I've been trying to see it again since. You find yourself wondering what it is--film noir? Magical realism? Spy story? Pilgrimage? Man versus nature? It starts with a man in Kazakhstan clearly having problems with his identity as he sheds passports and belongings and heads across the steppes on foot. On the way to a storied mountain using what he claims is a treasure map, he is joined by nomadic spirits who want to know what he's really after. It's hard to compare this to another movie, but it's got a few gists in common with the quirky existentialism of I Heart Huckabees.

Omar A (us) wrote: Amazing story line, high octane fuelled craze. It gives you that crazy 3rd person view and makes you feel psychedelic and high. Movies are usually all about a person trying to catch something, well Chev certainly is. Fighting against Chinese gangsters trying to find the antidote for the 'Chinese Cocktail', there's only one antidote though... Adrenaline. Definitely fast paced and smoothly run, things get crazy, and if you don't like weird movies, I wouldn't recommend it. But I give it a 10/10.

Matthew B (fr) wrote: The story is about a group of unrelated and unknowing bounty hunters and FBI agents try to take down a performer turned rat, they all clash at the same place at the same time, exploding in action, revenge and murder. This movie was a terrible missed step from beginning to end.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (ag) wrote: just saying see it for your self and tell me what YOU thought about it...

THEdjpluto (it) wrote: Slightly better than The Heretic. But not by much.

Elio G (fr) wrote: good storyline, but kinda predictable and flat. rush to finish it before mission to mars had its toll on it.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would watch if Denzels in it for sure.

Guido S (jp) wrote: I remember liking this movie when I first saw it a while back. Age has not been kind to it. Funny to think someone thought that was how computers worked. Pretty simple story, bad dude wants to cause chaos so he blames it on an unsuspecting innocent person and his friends work together to save him and the day. Some high points are this film has gone to the camp realm and Angelina is great in a early role. Otherwise, not worth seeing again.

Greg T (mx) wrote: you know Segal old fat a$$ dont move like that no more

Jake A (ag) wrote: An action film can be many things but the one thing it shouldn't be is boring and this film is criminally boring throughout despite its attempts to make you laugh, feel shocked, thrilled or touched. It fails at everything and has zero redeemable features.

Joshua C (fr) wrote: Following in the footsteps of such great film biopics as Gandhi (1982), Malcolm X (1992) and Michael Collins (an underrated gem from 1993), Milk is one of the boldest, most daring, important, and downright entertaining films ever committed to celluloid. Sean Penn is absolutely riveting as the slain political activist. This is, to steal a quote from Woodrow Wilson, "like writing history with lightening."