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Denise P (ru) wrote: It continues to follow the well worn formula of the series, but Final Destination 5 is an extremely rare sequel that does the same thing as its predecessors, only it does it a whole lot better.

Ange H (ru) wrote: fairly well done, but on script for a lesbian film...

Donegal H (de) wrote: A little slow at the beginning but I was ultimately glad I finished it.

James O (ag) wrote: Its far from brilliant, there's dreadful acting throughout but for light-hearted capers it does a job.

Owen D (fr) wrote: I know trying to make a movie about a killer cop back from the dead make sense isn't going to happen. but so much didn't make sense in this movie it was just confusing.

darrel w (us) wrote: seen it a long time ago im trying to watch it i cant find it in any store

Andr D (ca) wrote: "Alvarez Kelly" es una cinta del oeste que incluye a dos grandes actores: William Holden y Richard Widmark. Si no fuera por ellos, el ritmo a paso de tortuga y las escenas romanticas sin logica haria a "lvarez Kelly" inaguantable. Curiosamente, Holden vuelve a enfrentarse a un puente a punto de explotar como lo hiciera en el clasico de guerra "Bridge On The River Kwai".

Dave J (fr) wrote: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 (1950) Wagon Master WESTERN Actors Ben Johnson and Harey Carey JR star as horse traders agreeing for a precise sum of money to escort a group of mormons out of a town to settle to San Juan! Along the ride, they of course come across a narcisstic man and his 4- 5 sons whose just robbed a bank that occured at the beginning as well as a fake medicine man and his lady cohorts! A much younger Miriam Hopkins has a small role as one of the mormon wives! Directed by known Western film maker, John Ford may have too much old Western singing than I am able handle, but although this one does have a happy ending, what stands out are the picturesque desert landscapes and the realistic times actual travellers used to do while travelling along the desert, such as preserving water or 'not' to travel to the quickest root 'but' to the nearest creek or river where water is present or what to do when confronting Navajo Indians (using actual language)! All of these things can contribute this film to a sense of realism upon watching it! 3 out of 4

Andy F (de) wrote: Another Halloween season staple that helped reignite the slasher genre.

Jeff J (au) wrote: Literally a story about an intergalactic poacher that brought a foreign lifeform into an ecosystem in which the lifeform killed off the indigenous people. Then the poacher killed the monster and gets the girl. Silly story.