A storm chaser tries to save Boston from destruction when a freak tornado bombards the city with huge boulders.

A retired storm chaser teams-up with his sister and his former partner to prevent Boston from being leveled by an onslaught of apocalyptic twisters that throw off exploding, bowling ball-sized stones capable of destroying entire city blocks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stonados torrent reviews

Pablo L (fr) wrote: This is way more than a movie about old Jewish Comedians, this is a movie about the Jewish soul. You have to be a Jew to give this film 5 stars because it hits on all 8 Jewish cylinders. Only 4 stars if you're a Goy because frankly you will be only able to connect intellectually with this and not emotionally. The Shelly Berman end when he sings alone is worth watching this film. Two kosher Pickles up!

Matthew M (gb) wrote: This movie does its job. It is a great thriller and I remember seeing most of it as a kid so I decided to give it another more full viewing. I remember the stoning and it is pretty violent for a TV movie. The movie has a depressing ending. I felt the way the town was so quiet and secluded was well done.

Justin T (ag) wrote: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. It has some unexpected twists, some expected twists and good acting from the cast.

Robert B (mx) wrote: You guys got it wrong,Beckett taught Miller not the other way around.

Alexi T (es) wrote: jeez that sounds crap!

Jake D (fr) wrote: I don't know why, but before I decided to watch this movie I had a peeked interest in it for whatever reason, and now that I've watched it I am very dissapointed in myself for being even remotely interested. The film didn't start out too bad it offers up some interesting ideas, and makes you think, but as the film progresses I just really started t lose interest, and developed a disliking towards Ben Afflecks character. On top of it all the film really tries to be two things. These two things would be a serious movie half of the time, and than comedic the other half of the time. That's where this film really took, a turn for the worse it honestly should've picked one or the other, and not have tried to do both. Aside from that they decided to jam this film full of as many character actors as possible just to give you a recognizable face to stare at, but aside from Affleck none of the other actors really get to do anything interesting. It's honestly sad to know that Ben Affleck has wasted his time making a lot of bad movies because he really is a talented guy, but shines his talent in the wrong direction. It's definitely a good thing that he is directing because he really has a knack for that.

Greg S (jp) wrote: Zombies in Ireland! Low-budget zombie type flick. Was campy and I enjoyed a few of their situations.. like the car full of childrens birthday party goers complete with clown.

Joel A (jp) wrote: Director Robert Altman's unique attempt at a Murder Mystery that really was a study of classes rather than murder & mystery.Staring a prefer-all of talent and the where all directed so well with excellent dialogue but I struggled with the pace & the minimal focus on plot.The film is gorgeously shot & the art direction team has decorated the film perfectly but it failed to grab me overall. Not my favorite who done it? at all.

Ger H (br) wrote: Good film, but not my taste.

iain m (mx) wrote: I think its the film's score (and only in places) that puts so many people off - much of the music seems to hark back to some kind of 1960s Sound of Music theme park. The film is visually beautiful, with a lot of good science in the dilemmas, and a really interesting take on our nearest neighbour. I don't think its anywhere near as bad as people on here suggest, but then I didn't want us to leave Europe, and I can't stand the Kardashians - so what do I know.

Shannon P (nl) wrote: a pretty decent action movie.

Gary S (es) wrote: Good in a low key way. Good storyline. The incident with Sophia Loren showed quite well in war time how even the good guys do crappy things.

Sungho K (kr) wrote: This is way overrated. Nothing but violence.

Coop L (ca) wrote: As one of the first scripts Tarantino ever sold, this one does the trick. You can see his style seap through the dialogue. Damn I wish I bought the widescreen version, I fuckin hate fullscreen. They cut out a lot of the shots and substance. Fuckin fullscreen is for retards and shitbags. Who the fuck wants their movie to be cropped so it will fit a damn square. Fuck....anyways, back to the movie, this one has some very memorable performances, especially by supporting characters played by Hopper, Pitt, Gandolfini, Penn, Walken, and Oldman. Hans Zimmer's score is way out of plays and he should have never been commissioned,they should have just used the money on song rights, but what can you do?

Shay G (nl) wrote: pretty good. VERY cool. has some very well and sharp parts, direction-wise, but there are also some unclear moments. not renewing anything, but fun hour-&-a-half..