In this classic Aussie counterculture flick, an undercover narc named Stone (Ken Shorter) is dispatched to infiltrate a satanic biker gang after one of its members witnesses a political assassination -- and the killer decides to take out the whole crew. Stone learns to live by a twisted code of honor based on fast riding and fast living but realizes that if his cover gets blown, his fellow riders

Members of the Grave Diggers Motorcycle Club are being knocked off one by one, and someone needs to find out why! Sandy Harbutt's timeless Australian cult film about a bunch of renegades riding Kawasaki 900s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stone torrent reviews

Dale L (us) wrote: Redbox offered me half off if I got a 4th movie. I should have kept the .60 The so called monster in the movie was ridiculous. If Eric Roberts is your top actor then you know you are going low budget

Gary T (jp) wrote: Amazing film. Love Morgan Freeman's narration.

Amanda H (au) wrote: Love this film! It's really funny (and it doesn't hurt that JBJ is in it! )

Michael R (mx) wrote: mkultra type mc is broadcast at ppl via cell towers to condition behavior, so the dude from My Bodyguard (Animal Mother) deprograms his wife and takes on a lamer version of They Live. What happens when writers troll conspiracy sites to get their ideas. Resentment and class anger lead to mobs playing into traps the movie doesnt address.

Scott M (au) wrote: The movie that made Rick Moranis retire... Still, there's at least one decent joke in the opening "author signing" scene.

I am A (de) wrote: I didn't really "get it"

Steve M (ru) wrote: Lou Ann (Peters) gets fed up with her small-time criminal husband (Carhart) after he leaves her holding the bag for a counterfeiting scheme he was involved with--literally, as the bag was full of counterfeit money. She skips bail and takes off with their baby in his vintage pink Cadillac. Unfortunately for Lou Ann, her husband and his partners hid their [i]real[/i] money in the Caddy, and they are soon in pursuit. Luckily for Lou Ann, a softhearted skip-tracer (Eastwood) is also on her trail, and he may prove to be the only hope for survival she has. "Pink Cadillac" is a mostly unfunny comedy with a script that starts out mildly illogical and haphazard and ends in complete nonsensical chaos. It suffers further from having a hero who is arbitrarily goofy (Why does Clint Eastwood's skip-tracer Tommy Nowack habitually dress up in outlandish costumes to catch his prey? It's not something we ever get an answer to, and I don't think the writers knew either.). He's also badly played, something that can rarely be said about Eastwood. What's more, leading lady Bernadette Peters is more annoying than endearing--which is what the writers were shooting for--and the romance that developes between her and Eastwood feels without any foundation whatsoever. (Yes.. naturally he helps her retreive her baby from the evil white supremist ex-cons of the Brotherhood--it's that kind of movie--but there's no sensible reason for a romance that results in them running off together to evolve.) The film also sufffers from a distinct lack of apparent threat to the characters. The Black Widow biker gang from "Any Which Way But Loose" and "Any Which Way You Can" seemed more menacing and competent than the moronic Brotherhood, even if the latter are set up to be more vicious and deadly. (Oh... the Black Widow gang was also [i]funnier[/i] than the members of the Brotherhood. Frankly, Clyde the Orangutang (also from "Any Which Way But Loose" and "Any Which Way You Can") out-acted everyone who appeared in this film. It's the worst comedy that Eastwood has appeared in, and it may even be the worst movie he's been in, period. It makes "City Heat" look like a work of pure genius.) I think even die-hard Eastwood and Peters fans can go without seeing this film. You won't miss anything worthwhile and you'll have two hours of your life to spend in a more productive fashion. (For good Eastwood comedies, check out the the "Any Which Way" films mentioned above.) Pink Cadillac Starring: Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, and Timothy Carhart Director: Buddy Van Horn

Francisco F (mx) wrote: Le jazz tel qu'on le voit rarement au cinema.

Andy G (nl) wrote: Thorough and informative.

Bill B (au) wrote: Sleazy, ridiculous and over the top at varying turns, this one is so much fun. A nameless asshole is killing hookers in NYC for reasons that are never made clear; he's just a martial arts enthusiast asshole who wants to torment and murder women who are less than half his size, which makes the attacks look all the more ridiculous.Not for all tastes I'm sure, but I would highly recommend this one.

Aj V (jp) wrote: I don't usually go for these kind of dramas, but Williams is so loveable, and the story so heartwrenching and heartwarming, with some action and comedy thrown in, that I really enjoyed it.

Jesse M (ru) wrote: The fact that you cannot buy the full version of this film on Blu-Ray today is a shame. Every bit as powerful as other adult animated tales such as Watership Down and When the Wind Blows, this film is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and want to run to hug your dog. The animation is beautifully rendered, with more realism than you can find in any modern animated tale. The voice acting with the characters of Snitter and Rolf is real, even chilling. You really feel for these dogs, especially during the beginning when you see the conditions they are forced to endure in the animal testing lab. Watch this if you can, but do so with plenty of tissues. 5/5

Paul J (kr) wrote: A slightly higher budget and more polished slasher film. The performances are fair and it even climaxes with a motorcycle chase. That said it's predictable, very tame and feels like a TV movie. It's hard to imagine why this film was banned. Perhaps for the brief moment in the shower; combining blood (even if its meant to be fake) and nudity, doesn't go over well with the censors. Also, the ending leaves the audience wondering about the killer (much like Pranks) and I suppose the lack of moral comeuppance must have disturbed the censors. Either way, Night School is a film worth skipping. Even if, during the final moments, it does pay tribute to The Third Man.

solidity q (it) wrote: Very clever and very good. Max Von Sydow makes an appearance as a baddie. Faye Dunaway is attractive as an innocent civilian who gets caught up in Robert Redford's struggle. RR himself is cunning. A lone hero at odds with a powerful company.

King L (fr) wrote: Suspenseful drama from director Sam Peckinpah. Dustin Hoffman is a mathematician who leaves America to go back to his wife's village in England for some peace and quiet and to work on a book he is writing. The peaceful life is broken when his wife is raped and also when he tries to help a man who is beset by a angry mob. This movie was considered controversial back when it was first screened.

Michael G (nl) wrote: Remember the Night is a good but not great movie. The Preston Sturges-scripted story starts off with his signature madcap qualities but director Mitchell Leisen takes the movie into melodrama country for the last act. In Leisen's defense, that Niagara Falls scene was beautiful. Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck are as always, amazing together And of course Beulah Bondi was fantastic to the point where you almost wish she was your mom. Remember the Night is a great watch if you're tired of Christmas movies--there's enough Christmas going on without it getting shoved down your throat.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: Yea i have a black cousin who was watching this movie on netflix onetime and i got pissed... Then my other black cousin walked in while mycousin was still watching the film so i even got more pissed... Then mymom walked in the room and she was like "i am fucking pissed", i amreporting you to the cops because that is racist.. People fought forthere freedom and wouldn't let watching this shit... But on an othernote i loved the movie.

Richard S (jp) wrote: Seriously underrated film, from beginning to end, you get yourself immersed into it. Yes, it has some cheesy lines and someone says the film's title at some point but didn't we all enjoy those things back in the 90s? Definitely a must see!