Parole officer Jack Mabry (Robert De Niro) has only a few weeks left before retirement and wishes to finish out the cases he's been assigned. One such case is that of Gerald "Stone" Creeson (Edward Norton), a convicted arsonist who is up for parole. Jack is initially reluctant to indulge Stone in the coarse banter he wishes to pursue and feels little sympathy for the prisoner's pleads for an early release. Seeing little hope in convincing Jack himself, Stone arranges for his wife Lucetta (Milla Jovovich) to seduce the officer, but motives and intentions steadily blur amidst the passions and buried secrets of the corrupted players in this deadly game of deception. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Melf C (ca) wrote: extreeeeeemly average

Derek J (ca) wrote: satisfying rousing epic action thriller which requires viewer to invest in its characters. focusing on 3 main characters (mostly cheng's) it depicts the political power and internal struggles beautifully. well done! wonderfully filmed saga!

Andy C (nl) wrote: Better than no ending to the series, by a decent margin.

Sarah H (gb) wrote: I guess the concept sounded interesting and I do normally like Alan Cumming, cuz he's normally the comic relief however, this mini series, or movie whatever you wanna call it just seemed endless. And the way it ended didn't help with that.

Tom G (kr) wrote: One of my all-time favorite movies!! Every time I see it, I can't change the channel. Dennis Quaid is perfect in it. Such a fantastic father/son movie. My favorite time travel movie. Just perfect all around. I can't say enough good things about it. I love it.

Taufiq K (us) wrote: Too bad, yet still worth to watch.

Mark S (au) wrote: Very dated and a now essentially unknown 'prequel' to the far more successful Cabaret, this contains a likeable performance from Julie Harris as the entertainer Sally Bowles but there isn't a great deal that actually happens in the film, with most of the significant events following in its successor.

Dann M (nl) wrote: Marketed as a prequel (though it really isn't), The Huntsman: Winter's War is an action-packed fantasy adventure. It begins as an origin story, telling of how Eric was recruited and trained to be a huntsman for Freya, the queen of the north, but then it jumps forward several years to Queen Snow White tasking him with recovering Ravenna's magic mirror (which has been stolen) and taking it to a sanctuary where it's evil magic can be contained; but little does he know, Freya has learned of the mirror and wants its power for herself. Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, and Charlize Theron lead the cast and give strong performances. However, the storytelling is so trite and predictable that there's no real mystery or suspense. Still, the action is exciting and there's some fun comedy with the dwarves. While The Huntsman: Winter's War is a bit of a mess, it's entertaining and a step up from the previous film.

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