Stone Reader

Stone Reader


Filmmaker Mark Moskowitz finally reads a critically acclaimed novel he bought back in 1972, and discovers that both the book and the author have long since vanished. STONE READER documents Moskowitz's quest to find out why. As he solves the mystery, the twists and turns of the journey reveal something more-the singular bond literature can create among strangers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Facebook U (kr) wrote: Another slasher movie. Some critics called it bland but they are jaded. Anyone sensitive can feel just scared enough. It has a reality feel. I liked the not quite linear storyline. Talking about storyline, the end explains some and confuse more. Even if we adhere to the preposterosity of it (for entertainment sake), some of the logic needs more explanation. At least, we have some originality and compexity in the denouement, which was nice. Plus, no one is quite all right and no one is all dark, even the psycho. Most characters are intelligent enough to root for. There should be more of these films. I suggest Prisoners by Villeneuve, for more depth in the captured theme. We've all been prisoners in our youth.

Kristin R (it) wrote: Completely and utterly ridiculous, but entertaining all the same. Definitely not one I would recommend to watch. All in all however, it was fun, which is what I think it aimed to do, taking a more light hearted approach to the 'horror' genre.

(br) wrote: cabrona es lo mas q digo ya

Paul J (es) wrote: Not quite the role one normally sees Ben stiller in. He's a heroin addict whose a writer in LA. Who basically starts to lose his mind as he gets deeper into drug addiction.

Ian C (ca) wrote: Great soundtrack, shit film that is full of shit and annoying characters. Only positive is a smokin' hot Zellweger.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: Of course, I wrote in my For Your Eyes Only review that I appreciated the tongue and cheek being toned down a bit, only to be overwhelmed with goofiness with Osctopussy. There's a lot of entertainment to be had with this film, but sadly I felt a ton of opportunities were wasted.It seemed as though the plot was going to shift the motivations of the lead villain from craving world domination down to simply a jewel thief. To me, that was intriguing. Bringing the stories to a more realistic focus would have been compelling for this film. But instead we got a mess of a film. I'm just very tired of the use of nuclear weapon's for the lead villain. It's been used over and over again. Not every bad guy has nukes. I also felt they took the setting of India and abused it a bit. I'm sorry but how many different animals were used as spectacles or traps for Bond? Bond literally tells a wild tiger to sit down, and it listens. It got a bit ridiculous, especially knowing how noticibly fake most of them were. Certainly some of the sequences can be entertaining, but when a professional tennis player's cameo turns into him beating villains over the head with a tennis racket overpowering machine guns, you know you've taken it too far.But it's disappointing that this film didn't take advantage at having a female antagonist. The series thus far hasn't had a lead female villain, and I thought for awhile it would be the first. She was hidden from the audience for a good portion of the film similar to Blofeld which made for an interesting proposition. Sadly, 'Octopussy' turns out to be just like most other Bond girls. On the flip side, Q gets to play a bigger role which was a good change up from being back at MI6 all the time. There's no denying this film's entertainment, but there's just too many missed opportunities.+Q is a bigger part+Very good first half-Missed opportunities-Yet another nuclear obsessed villain5.5/10

Danielle S (gb) wrote: bazarro earth is terra! of course! where dog eat dog mentality is literal.

Aaron C (ru) wrote: Really neat sci-fi Corman flick. Well, you have to be into this sort of thing to appreciate it. Peter Graves and Lee Van Cleef give great performances. Effects are goofy and unrealistic and I wouldn't have it any other way. The venutian alien has these "flying fingers" that look like bats, go out and posess minds worthy of its new world. The monster itself is cool lookin, classic sci-fi stuff. If you're into old 50's science fiction this is grade A material. That poster is awesome!

Connor H (nl) wrote: Sloppy in places, but a chilling, thrilling, who dun it mystery of killings.

MF J (ca) wrote: Heard a lot of great things about this film and finally got a chance to watch it. what a great comedy! Really well done, acted and produced, this film is a great romantic exploration of relationships and how things can turn from one unexpected event to a complete change of dichotomies between characters. Cher is brilliantly leading this film and display an amazing talent for both drama and comedy. A must see.

Wilson F (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, though felt that John was a little light in personality and more easy on the eyes... Tim seemed selfish at times and very self involved, but he did show redeeming qualities when he thought he may have given John HIV, which, he did. I liked the movie and I cried a bit, being a sap for anything tear jerky. Didn't have high expectations when I went into it, so given that and how I feel now, moved, still thinking of this movie, I think that it was a pretty good flick.

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