Seth Green and Brad Rowe star in this drama as a pair of college students who come up with a plan to cheat an underworld syndicate at their own game. However, their ambition outstrips their street smarts, and they soon find themselves on the wrong end of their own con game.

With the help of a friend of the family, 23-year-old Erik (Brad Rowe) gets a scholarship to the Ivy League-type school called Stonebrook. His dorm-mate (Seth Green) is a nerdy hacker named ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stonebrook torrent reviews

Sameed S (it) wrote: Terrible attempt to bring 4 movies of this They should have stop it at the third one

Brian N (ag) wrote: Wow. Will Smith is amazing. It's been out for 8yrs and if you have not seen this movie, please watch it!!

Shana B (ag) wrote: Bad acting Can't even remember the movie That's how bad it was

Aleksandar K (it) wrote: Film za ljubitelite na Tinto Brass, odlicna erotska drama... Go preporacuvam samo na ludje koi ne gledaat filmovi za da zaspijat... :)

Mark J (ru) wrote: was so looking forward to this movie....what a dud

Jebus M (it) wrote: You should all watch this movie. Great soundtrack, funny dialogues. No storyline or a plot whatsoever, but who gives a fuck?

Edward B (br) wrote: Now this is how you make an independent movie! Completely original, trippy, and clever satire about Asian kids who can get away with anything as long as it looks like they've conformed to society's general stereotypes of their race. Director Justin Lin has a master's command of the camera and the story he's telling. He also allows his actors to look like true movie stars, even though most of the audience may have never seem them before (except for John Cho). It just sucks that now, eight years after this movie's initial release, Lin has become a corporate tool making godawful Fast and Furious movies. The soul behind Better Luck Tomorrow is the soul of a true auteur.

Cesar B (br) wrote: if you've been to Appalachia you'll understand what it's like. One must have an open mind in appreciating folk music just like country music. A must see.

Brian B (jp) wrote: Hater critics I tell you smh! Most sequels are a major let down but for sure it's not in this movie's DNA! Excellent movie with a terrific plot, comedy, drama, and explosive action that will keep you on the edge of your seats begging for more!

Andrey M (nl) wrote: Unconventionally refreshing and very powerful. Beautiful requiem, Media Weather, highlights the theme of exploitation, an engine that bombards us with nearly useless information. Apocalyptic Intensive Time warns the audience that our civilization never fails at betrayal. We can only hope that its scale never reaches totally devastating. Cynical, morbid, and utterly beautiful.

skyangel s (au) wrote: nice mvie...someone is made 4u somewhere!

Sarah M (ag) wrote: Possibly one of the most perfect films I've seen

Faisal M (gb) wrote: had seen it before too but wnated 2 watch it again.. good comedy by sridevi and for once rajnikanth was good too (cant belive i said that hehe). anwyays a good family movie with a good humor in it!

Paul B (es) wrote: Drawn out and quite predictable persecution tale.

Hlne B (de) wrote: when Adjani used to be an actress.

Darren B (it) wrote: Solid thriller with Richard Gere delivering a great performance.

Ronnie D (de) wrote: Over the top. Fun exciting? Funny momentarily. Desperado by far the best of the trilogy

Peter S (jp) wrote: Great Mel Gibson, Kurt Russel and Raul Julia.

Brian W (ru) wrote: If you enjoy the tv series, you'll like this. Hilarious british humor and laugh out loud scenes. It's a must see.