Stoned Bros

Stoned Bros

Best mates Eddie and Charlie's spiritual journey goes off track and becomes a riotous trip through outback Australia.

Best mates Eddie and Charlie's spiritual journey goes off track and becomes a riotous trip through outback Australia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Buddy H (ru) wrote: the love storyline seems forced. but the last third of the movie is well worth it.

Julien B (ca) wrote: Le pendant (C)gyptien de "Une S (C)paration"

Adam R (us) wrote: A wonderful sports drama that is loaded with heart. It's inspiring and will make you feel good. It has become one of my favorites. (First full viewing - 9/23/2008)

Preston B (it) wrote: God flapjacks damn itWho thought this was a good idea?

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Another woman with another problem... Her only crime was falling in love and being afraid--Almodovar sets his standard for dark humor... Outrageously wacky, colorful fun!!

Can S (us) wrote: Like most people who at all rate this film, I've loved Animalympics since my childhood. It has become something of a mythical film for me because I've never found it on DVD. At least, until 2007: its been released in Germany (where its called Die Dschungel-Olympiade). Probably the main three things of note are that it features Billy Crystal's voice talents, music from Graham Gouldman (of 10cc fame) and the director was the same guy who did Tron, Steven Lisberger. The interview with him (looking very hirsute) on the DVD is pretty cool, as it reveals just how much work went into the film, not to mention skill (Lisberger frequently laments how pen and ink is a lost skill in todays world of digitally enhanced animation). The songs are just as great as I remember, and the animation remains beautiful. Would be interesting to know would might have happened if the Olympics hadn't been boycotted that year: this could have been a big success. As it was, its become more of a cult film than an aging blockbuster.

Faisal M (mx) wrote: really good thriller.. Mellisa George acted really well. The whoel setup was very well presented and it was basically an edge of the seat thriller. Much better than expected. I have not seen any movie of this director before but am imprssed with her work in this one.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Well that was ridiculous... It looked great and i love the 70s killer animals vibe, Ray Miland was a bonus, and it was crazy seeing Sam Elliot so young. But... I'm confused. how exactly were those frogs killing these people? they just kind of hoped around on them, and they'd die... lol

Vuk S (it) wrote: This one will probably entertain the children, yet seem a bit too childish for most adult audiences. Nevertheless it is an OK movie to watch with the family.

Preston H (ru) wrote: This was a terrible movie that had no point to it at all waist of time