When Troy "Slam" Slamsky loses his girl, love makes a wake-up call and he finds success in the world of online advertising with some hysterical twists on an old theme. Finding a new love who understands his vision sets Slam free to do what he loves, love who he does and make crazy videos.

Troy "Slam" Slamsky has the viral advertising bug but his shorts sometimes turn his world upside down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stonerville torrent reviews

Carl N (jp) wrote: A low-budget Brit horror that is very much played by numbers. The first half of the film is mind numbingly boring. And as with a lot of other low-budget horrors, loud music is used to try and scare. I almost switched it off. But I'm very much glad I stuck with it. Because it came as a nice surprise to me when I was caught out by the twist ending. The acting was pretty decent; MyAnna Buring stands out the most and I look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

David P (ru) wrote: It's amusing juvenile fun, but no way a great movie. But, it's a movie you can sit through with kids.

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Probably my second favorite from Bunuel so far. It's comedic and also terrifying. Imagine one day you went to a party and entered a room and realized that you can't leave. Why can't you leave? I don't know, you just can't. And you can't figure it out either. So the best you can do is figure out where the water pipe is located and how you can find some food because it's going to be a long time before you're able to leave. Oh, and on top of that, imagine if people couldn't even come close to you. It's absurd, but also terrifying. Those who you were friends with at first might become your enemy, or those you disliked might be someone you come close to killing. That's the way this bourgeois group of people behave. They blame the host for the problem even though the host is stuck in there with them. How could this possibly benefit him? There is a young couple who have spent their first date at the opera and they were going to go home together afterword, but now they are stuck in this room. Luckily a doctor is present because an old man has difficulties breathing and seems to be slipping away. So what is Bunuel doing here? Putting a class of people in a room that he doesn't like and forcing them to reveal the horribleness at their core? That would be my best guess at least. Luckily there were sheep in the house as a joke for earlier. They find their way into the room, and the people end up eating them. One guy gives way to his sexual urges and ends up kissing a woman in her sleep. The young couple end up killing themselves in the closet. The old man dies and they put him in another closet. This story could take place over the span of a month or a few days. There's really no way to know. When we see them go to sleep we don't know if this is a new night, or perhaps they sleep more because there's nothing to do. If you look at it that way it becomes even more comedic. One of the women at the party realizes that they are all in the same position they were in the first night before they took off their jackets and went to sleep. So what does she do? Have them repeat everything in order to follow through with a different ending this time. This time, they are all going to say it's late and they must be heading out instead of sticking around for no apparent reason. This plan works, only for the same problem to occur once they are out. At the funeral the whole congregation seems to not be able to leave, and we get a flash forward where gunshots are heard. If I had a gun I would probably shoot myself if that happened to me twice. Imagine the fear of it happening to you repeatedly throughout your life! I liked the surreal aspects of the double entrance of the party guests and the animals that make their way through a house empty of people. This is Bunuel at his finest and should not go overlooked by an fan of surrealism.

Art S (gb) wrote: Often beautiful to look at it in sumptuous black and white, Polanski's first film, a three-hander, already maintains a chilly distance from the characters. The distance between the characters is also probed, as two men (husband and the young hitchhiker) variously brag about their abilities or show off in front of the wife. The camera catches the sunlight and provides a tactile sense of reality, but everything is surfaces and, in the end, no one has been let inside.

Tuomas S (au) wrote: Mahtavat mustavalkotunnelmat niin kun aina Jack Arnoldin elokuvissa.

JamesMasaki R (ag) wrote: She Wore A Yellow Ribbon is a little weaker than "Fort Apache", as it is lacking the great battle and stunt sequences to be expected, and adds a love story in there. But on the brighter side, John Ford goes all out in technicolor, with gorgeous canyon landscapes, which even the studio scenes like John Wayne at the graveyard scene look quite amazing in color. Plus, John Wayne playing a very convincing 60 year old at the age of 40 as well. Although this movie may be part 2 of the so-called Calvalry Trilogy, the 3 movies are only a trilogy in tone, so there are no worries of watching it out of order.

Ted W (gb) wrote: This is the movie that will forever be known as the debut of Martin & Lewis. The whole thing slogs along at a marathon pace util the boys are on screen and yucking it up.

Chris C (fr) wrote: Story about a boy raised by his mother who was divorced by her rich husband, they settle out in Seattle where the mother meets a man named Dwight, played by De Niro, who is a blue collar mechanic. Toby "Jack" played by DiCaprio longs for a better life, and eventually earns a scholarship to a prep school and they leave Dwight behind, after many beatings and arguments from living with him.Sentimental story, and interesting to see DiCaprio at such a young age.

Gregg M (jp) wrote: Great campy fun, well-directed with many star cameos...