Stopped on Track

Stopped on Track

Frank and Simone have fulfilled a dream and live with their two children in a row house in the suburbs. They are a happy couple, until the day Frank is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The family is suddenly confronted with death.

Frank and Simone have fulfilled a dream and live with their two children in a row house in the suburbs. They are a happy couple, until the day on which an inoperable brain tumor diagnosed in France. The family is suddenly confronted with death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PierLuigi F (nl) wrote: Devo dire che a me Siani piace. Se anche voi la pensate cosi e voleste mantenere questo giudizio evitate questo film. Sceneggiatura, regia, recitazione (a parte qualche decenza al limite dell'accettabile) da suicidio. Salvatevi

Leonard D (au) wrote: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are simply wonderful together! One great definition of an action buddy comedy, which allot of films these days try to replicate, but unfortunately, don't succeed at like this one does.

Connor D (ag) wrote: Starts off comedic and ends with a touching story, "Edward Scissorhands" is by far one of the best Burton films I have seen. 8.8/10

The V (kr) wrote: This was a very impressive cop buddy action movie. It takes place in the slums of Philly and revolves around a patrolman who gets tossed up to the city's worst precinct after a flub when pulling over a rich asshole. He's matched up with a loose cannon for a partner. It's Lethal Weapon material for sure except that's not much of a criticism since the movie was actually entertaining. If cheesy, but entertaining with a rather good performance by Whitaker and from Joe Pantoliano who plays a menacing bald assistant to the villain of the movie. His death scene by way of a wood chipper is worth checking out the movie.

Joey T (ag) wrote: Okay slasher film that is worth checking out once. Funny dialogue, decent nudity, and laughable effects make up for the slow pace.

Joetaeb D (ru) wrote: I felt that Pink Flamingos is just too raunchy and exploitive for it's own good,also quite poorly executed in ways.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: The first six unnecessary minutes are skippable. If you didn't skip it, luckily it's forgettable as the film goes on, which it's in somewhat level that it's better than its predecessor by being funnier. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably and requires another viewing probably)

Knox M (mx) wrote: Gritty and compelling Don Siegel thriller.

David S (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first John Carpenter film, but a solid sequel to it. I didn't like how they made the theme song all techno like. To me it's one of those songs you leave alone. It really took away the creepiness of it. Other than that I couldn't say much bad about it. Its a pretty darn good movie

Frnk N (au) wrote: oddly like Brokeback Mountain for hipsters. also my worst nightmare. great though.

Richard Y (jp) wrote: Watched it on the plane, another kids' fantasy flick, surprised I didn't fall asleep!

Jacques D (us) wrote: Good acting and scripting. Not the most captivating of movies.

Rachel M (de) wrote: this film is very touching n well done.

Monjit B (gb) wrote: Not bad but a bit slow!!!