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BIG PLANS follows the petty and irresponsible crook Willy, who has a massive fondness for music. Though he's 38 years of age he will not give up his lifelong dream of becoming a famous ...

BIG PLANS follows the petty and irresponsible crook Willy, who has a massive fondness for music. Though he's 38 years of age he will not give up his lifelong dream of becoming a famous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob M (mx) wrote: Although not an "A" class movie in many respects (acting, dialogue, action, etc) this is well worth the watch to raise awareness of this heartbreaking reality.

Patricia C (ag) wrote: SI te gusto CINEMA PARADISO, no te la puedes perder....

Manny S (us) wrote: decent watch they should have put john cena in this role he would have done good in this movie great way to end the series

Johan A (ru) wrote: A history and cultural lesson. If you are into graffiti and/or interested in modern social culture you will enjoy this film. If you are new to the graffiti scene or just looking for som old skool material, see the excellent graffity documentary Style Wars before you watch this one.

Kaila R (gb) wrote: It was a good movie, but I hate that they changed the man charcter. =(

Doc J (mx) wrote: excellent film d'horreur en huis clos

Alex S (de) wrote: I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to and Just Friends turned out to be a surprisingly satisfying movie. I've never been a fan of chick flicks or romantic comedies and this one follows all of the latter stereotypes, but Just Friends turns out to be a decent, fun feature due to its efforts to never get too "dumb" and still remain funny.

Tor M (br) wrote: I've had this film laying around since it was released on DVD almost 10 years ago.I wondered why it never earned a lot of fame or a classic reputation, but I expected an all right flick. That's also what I got.A huge film about a huge happening. The main thing here is the "Black September" aftermath that I never knew much about. Speilberg is a huge name but the film does not include THAT big names. Anyhow, this is a well crafted thriller with great scenes. It looks smooth and it's sound design is superb. The film is long, but it never flattens out. That's impressive.Not as acionfilled or thrilling as I thaught it would be, but still a film that's worth a go.7 out of 10 wait outs.

Patryk C (nl) wrote: A masculine, brutal and ruthless noir with a bunch of sleazy characters that seem as unlikeable as the story is suspenseful. Dixon, a hot-headed detective is on a case that will be decisive of his career in the police force. After a horrible mistake and a dead body on his hands, he needs to cover up all the mess. Yet, where the sidewalk ends there is always a dark corner, one that won't let anyone escape from their past. Even though Dixon is a violent policeman with a mobster attitude, he still looks convincingly likable to the audience. A very atmospheric movie, with a few nice turns.

Lance P (it) wrote: I may be biased but both my wife and I really enjoyed this movie. It can be predictable but not overly so. The final scenes from the hospital to the ball field can be guessed at, and if someone has paid attention to the trailers and documentaries, can be known. That said, if you get to the end and don't have a tear or two, you don't have a heart. As for me being biased? I have a son with Down Syndrome and both my wife and I have very high hopes for him as he gets older. We hope and believe he's a capable as the young man that played Produce in this film.

(de) wrote: Stunning directing, flawless acting, well balanced fun and drama and a few doses (pun intended) of surrealism. I actually hate that music scene, but I still connected with the film. Great job, Mr. Dowse!