Storm Center

Storm Center

Politicians go after a small-town librarian when she refuses to ban a book. She's quickly labeled a Communist.

A small-town librarian is branded as a Communist by local politicians when she refuses to withdraw a controversial book from the library's shelves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Imran S (fr) wrote: this is more like a Constatine's movie featuring Batman & 10 minutes of justice league. Not a fan of super natural stories but this movie kept my attention with interesting characters and well developed story line. im a casual batman comic reader so i enjoyed getting to know some characters for the first time.

Tyler A (us) wrote: horror / thriller twin bros make people see demented shit that ultimately forces them to kill themselves while they tape it to watch for there own pleasure until a Cop comes around who keeps digging until he figures out what's going on

Scott M (kr) wrote: This is a moderately entertaining family film, that will be compared to the likes of Mary Poppins.

Natercia C (kr) wrote: what u see in the movie is what u see in real life - pain that innocent palastinian n israeli people been going thru

Andy G (nl) wrote: Probably the best superhero origin movie of all time. Not only does it do a fantastic job adapting the comic story, with great understanding of the characters and respect for the source material, but it adds to it in ways that enhance the story by quite a lot, making Batman's origin not only the most entertaining we've seen, but the most logically sound superhero origin as well. When the movie first came out I don't remember there being a lot of hype about it, but looking back now that we've seen the entire trilogy, it's just amazing to see how consistently good this series is. Christopher Nolan understood Batman better than any other director has, and created what will likely be the best superhero movie franchise of all time.Personal Grade: S++Technical Score: 96%

Jon R (kr) wrote: An Irish gangster movie. An interesting movie, not bad... it just wasn't particularly good.

Samantha C (au) wrote: one of the best movies ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(fr) wrote: another great classic family film from my childhood. it is still a funny, nice movie to this day.

Dominic O (nl) wrote: Gross Anatomy was a wonderful underrated Med School movie with heart and humor!!

Andrew L (it) wrote: The gremlins singing along to Snow White... classic!

Gustav v (ag) wrote: A lonely, socially disenfranchised scullery maid weds a strapping young blackamore and incurs the vicious, racist wrath of her family and acquaintances in Ranier Fassbinders compelling, timeless tragedy of anguish and despair. The benevolent cleaning lady, Emi Kurowski, and the Moroccan, Ali, are swept together by a tide of mutual loneliness, but their union is strained by random acts of hostility visited upon them by a blindly conventional community. Emi is only forgiven for her transgression when her cruel peers realize that their ability to ruthlessly exploit her is now in jeopardy. As the external pressures over the couple begin to subside, internal conflicts surface. The film's ending, as sudden and melodramatic as life can be, is a reflection of the unendurable tension Ali experiences as a stranger in a hostile land. But Emmi is able to suggest a solution: "When we're together, we must be nice to one another.''

Julien B (fr) wrote: Un super film qubcois!! Isabelle Blais est gnial dans ce long mtrage!!

Pete S (jp) wrote: I've read Elizabeth Custer's book, and this movie is right in the tradition of her propaganda. It's a brilliant Thru the Looking Glass treatment of Custer's life and history. Strange and compelling. It was too long, but both Flynn and DeHavilland are great. Quinn racks up another ethnic credit, but is in no way memorable - not that there was a lot to his role.The horse scenes in this movie are fantastic. Does Hollywood still have enough men to get 200 guys on horseback at the same time? Can they move a regiment worth of horses thru their paces together? I love the scene where Custer rides into the ambush and you see the Indians horses riding out of the trees in the background. The timing and staging of the scene is really well done. And the stunts in the finale are amazing. In one of them an Indian rides into the group of soldiers, past a bunch of men laying on the ground, gets shot, falls off his horse, gets his foot caught in the stirrup, the horse wheels and drags him off into the distance. That's just one of dozens of stunts that are happening simultaneously. Very impressive work.I picked it up because I was researching Garryowen after the scouts at my son's summer camp sang it. This has a very different version of Garryowen, but it's very well done here. The many different versions spread throughout the film really tie all the different scenes together.I can't give the film more than 3.5 stars due to the shockingly off story, but the film making is really top notch.

Jake D (fr) wrote: Wow! I can't believe most of these previous reviews because this movie is genius. Obviously the bad reviewers have never worked in the restaurant industry. Every character in this movie is sooo true to life. Of course with a lot of exaggeration, to make it entertaining. Yes, they are a little cartoony, but it's a comedy. No, its not exactly laugh out loud slap stick comedy, but if you know this world, it's psychological comedy. If you know the industry, the scenery, plot, characters, and dialogue, were so detailed and hit the nail on the head. If you didn't get it, you're probably not the demographic for this movie anyway. It's kind of cool that it played with the traditional structure and achtypes too. In the end, it was easy to follow, made sense, and was satisfying. I loved it.

Bryan D (ca) wrote: Surprised how much I enjoyed it. I like the set design, the practical use of special effects with all of the creatures. While many of the characters are completely unlikable the film remembers to have some core people you do care about.

Mary (us) wrote: Beach Blanket Bingo is a movie that was part of a series of films that came out in the 60s. Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello star as Frankie and DeeDee, two teens who are dating. Highjinks ensue throughout the movie as there is the occasional song, a gang of thugs, a mermaid, and skidiving involved.If you are interested in the 60s beach films that came out, check this one out.