Storm Rider

Storm Rider

Spoiled 18-yr-old Dani Fielding's world is turned upside down when her father gets arrested for securities fraud, and she has to leave her upscale life in the city to stay with her gruff Uncle Sam out in the country. As Dani and her uncle struggle to bond, she's given an orphaned horse to foster and train. Dani pours her affection into this young horse, calling her Stormy and giving her all the attention she's missing from her unsettled life. Dani soon realizes that truly caring about others is the answer to most of life's biggest problems. And when her uncle and friends need her the most, Dani and Stormy work together to save the day and learn the true meaning of the word, family.

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Linda B (ca) wrote: Not quite sure what to make of this film. Great dancing, but found most of the documentary quite boring - expected it to be a little more informative than it was.

Jonah H (kr) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie!!!

Lee B (nl) wrote: An excellent cast of moderately tame B movie actors put it together for Steve Austin, in "Hunt to Kill", a straight to DVD low budget production. Setting problems arise, when apparently the producers did not get the memo that Montana does not connect to British Columbia, as the mood of BC is just too much to overcome to call it Montana. It would also seem that if the bad guys really wanted to catch their double crossing partner, maybe the best thing they should do is go into town and ask people nicely before going all out and shooting the police chief- (that had really no connection to the plot whatsoever). You also wish that Austin would just break out a stunner and crack open a beer and scream explicatives at somebody but this never happens as they need his daughter as a hostage so that he lead them around the wilderness. Isn't the motivation that they killed the police chief right in front of him, motivation enough for revenge? It's a shame really that "Hunt to Kill" feels like the lame, disfigured son of "Cliffhanger" and "Predator" minus any of the good action and suspense.

Justin S (au) wrote: A hard dose of American truth documented by Michael Moore,showing the corruption in the flawed U.S. Government and reflecting on the past events surrounding 9/11 and the twin towers.

Josiah C (mx) wrote: Valiant plays like a desperate Disney knock-off.

Rob L (ag) wrote: Rather bland movie that has moments, but you will find hard to continue to watch because it can get rather slow.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (1997) Kiss Or Kill CRIME THRILLER Unconventional 'on the run' movie, co-produced, written and directed by Bill Bennett starring Frances O'Connor as Nikki, who as a child is now scarred for life since when she was a child used to witness her mom burn to death as a result of some guy splashing gasoline on her before lighting her on fire. Then the actual story starts, is when Nikki allows a cheating husband to seduce her, so that she can drug him before robbing him blind, with her boyfriend, Al Fletcher(Matt Day) aiding her. What happens next is that the businessman accidently dies, and as a result of also stealing the contents of this guys briefcase, they then come across an incriminating video tape of a well known celebrity, by the name of Zipper Doyle (Barry Langrishe) exploiting a young child. And instead of using it for blackmail, the young couple decide to go 'on the run' by driving away, and seeking to exchange other vehicles, while both the police and Zipper Doyle are going after them. At first, it appears to look like a young "Bonnie & Clyde", "Sugarland Express" and "Badlands" movie but as the movie is progressing, not everything is what it appears to be as they're on the run. And although, it's unconventional, it'd have to take much of the first half of the entire film to the revelation to it being memorable. Perhaps if I had not seen those other 'on the run' films would've made a stronger impact than if was made later. Winner of 5 Australian Awards out of 11 nominations. 2.5 out of 4 stars

movie fan a (gb) wrote: wtchd it as a child n then forgot wot hapoens in the movie..but iv always loved the songs. When i watched it again recently i was surprised at what a gr8 movie it really is! It captures the essence of bollywood in the early 90's n even now the songs r still brilliant!!

Michael C (mx) wrote: This is an odd movie. It's a Japanese movie filmed in Poland, bleakly realised as only an Eastern European movie could be. My problem with it is the story, which promises alot but never really goes anywhere. At times I thought it was heading in a certain direction, but it didn't. In the end this film is more about the look than the story, and it looks good, especially for a movie from 2001, but flashy effects can not carry a film.

Greg W (gb) wrote: gr8 example of sci-fi campy fun.

Ron P (us) wrote: The simplest of film directors.

James C (mx) wrote: not freaken interested