Track monsoons, hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes. Take a journey around the planet to experience our most extreme storms and to witness the dramatic--and often perilous--efforts of scientists in the pursuit of understanding weather.Join meteorologists in the cockpit of a P-3 weather plane as they penetrate the eye of a hurricane; and in the tense, decisive moments on the road as they focus their radar on an approaching tornado, traveling to the heart of severe storms to learn what makes weather systems tick. Experience the bumpy ride into the sudden and spectacular calm of a hurricane’s eye, or the commando-like raid to the very brink of a killer tornado, and experience one of the elemental joys of doing science: that of confronting nature head-on to divine its awesome secrets.

Follow the people who follow the storms. Prepare to take a ride inside some of the most extreme weather conditions experienced on earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stormchasers torrent reviews

Kara F (es) wrote: The plot had potential, but it was poorly executed and gets progressively dumber as you watch it.

Aaron E (ca) wrote: Great story, unbelievable man and the life he lived in the middle of nowhere. Grizzly Man and Chris McCandless are looking pretty weak in comparison. I wish I could have just one of Dick Proenneke's carpenter talents.

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WS W (us) wrote: Both James Franco & Brenda Blethyn were marvelous, but the narrative was just so gloomy & uninteresting.

Fallon O (it) wrote: It's okay but not great. The worst of the trilogy.

Warren M (ru) wrote: Terrible on all fronts

Luc L (us) wrote: A "horsing around" film with mediocre jokes and sight gags.

Carlos I (us) wrote: It's hard to feel sorry for such a reckless and arrogant prick as William Hurt's character is in this, but the film raises some good questions about reality and our place in the universe. Russel packs some great visual flair into this too.

Elcer M (ag) wrote: An audio-visual spectacle, ecological, sociological, and erotic fable in merciless tone.

Ken S (it) wrote: In Akira Kurosawa's follow-up to "Yojimbo", the Mifune character returns, this time taking charge of 9 young and anxious men who want to overthrow their corrupt government officials, but are a little too out of their element to pull it off. The film never tops it's predecessor, but it comes close. It is just as technically well made and funny with decent action and drama mixed in, I think I just preferred "Yojimbo" a little more. Nothing really against this though, it is still a highly entertaining film from one of cinema's all-time masters.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Not one of Fritz Lang's better movies, slow and a little too much going on to comfortably watch. Dana Andrews plays a heavy drinking reporter and this performance is worth a look.

Greg W (es) wrote: Veidt has a strong role for which he's admirably suited. Sebastian Shaw is excellent as the English naval officer. Valerie Hobson, as the other spy, is creditable.

Reini U (nl) wrote: Convincing only at first sight. In reality a pretty rosy picture of the situation.

Dustin B (es) wrote: Denzel Washington gives a nuanced, menacing, academy award winning performance as a dirty cop in 'Training Day'. Fans of 'Collateral' and crime dramas will enjoy this story of violence and corruption.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: Ultra cheesy horror anthology. The Emilio Estevez segment boasts some great punk in the soundtrack from Fear, X and Black Flag.

Andrew S (br) wrote: Strong cast and has a terrific ending.