The military have captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity. And now it wants to play.

The military have captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity. And now it wants to play. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stormhouse torrent reviews

carly g (mx) wrote: i love the comments from band off course a great performance RiRi is a tad over the top the avid fans will love the end song the fan girls the visuals heaps of Bro mance and Buckin (fan language!) at Major Minus its louder than 2003 dvd

Geoff J (ag) wrote: I could daydream a better film that this cliched dullarama

Bill B (it) wrote: This film holds up remarkably well on the re-watch from the To-Watch Pile, so that's always a nice turn of events, especially now that we have Ritchie getting his groove back after after his divorce from Madonna.I have to admit to some trepidation when I went into this one, but I was quite impressed with the levels of plotting, stylistic storytelling and performances on display; Guy Ritchie has truly redeemed himself after losing his way with stuff like Swept Away and Revolver during his married years.Highly recommended.

Seyithan S (ca) wrote: good soundtrack and pictures.

Monica H (ca) wrote: sometimes, ignorance is a bless... ;-)

Craig B (kr) wrote: Not too bad. It is listed on the bad movie web site, however it is watchable and entertaining.

Jesse Z (es) wrote: ** out of 4 stars Repetitive jokes that aren't very funny or amusing and got tiresome after awhile.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Brilliant. Story set during the Spanish civil war.

Jonathan l (fr) wrote: This movie kicks ass.

Tim P (fr) wrote: Pretty depressing for a musical.

Rebecca P (fr) wrote: Eh, it wasn't as bad as I expected. Cute kid.p.s. Loved that Mr. Bookman (fellow Seinfeld fans) was the big spelling bee chairman, perfect!

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 52%Saw this on 29/8/15Despite good acting from the whole cast, this film is obvious, too thin in plotting, fails to make much sense and is ultimately unbelievable, but still it has some charm in it, an innocence mostly due to child actor Connor Corum.

Evan D (br) wrote: a bit silly (not always in a good way) and over the top, this horror-comedy rises above other camp-fests due in part to a wonderful Price and entertaining acts of Shakespearean deaths. the last good performance from Price in a lead role.