Story of a Junkie

Story of a Junkie

Filmed in documentary-style, the film follows the character of Gringo, a young man looking for fortune in New York, only to fall into heroin addiction.

Critically Acclaimed documentary from director Lech Kowalski (DOA) following the life and times of a down-and-out heroin addict in 1980s New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inta K (it) wrote: quite a nice, romantic movie

Tonya V (us) wrote: The idea of the movie could have made it so good....but this one failed terribly!

Timothy M (es) wrote: This flick is blantantly ANTI-REALITY because it attacks realitiy checks to protect cherished beliefs. This is a deceitful and willfully ignorant film. Ben Stein is a very sick man. All of those creationist zombies need to be expelled from academia and placed in mental hospitals. I give this rotten film an F, less than one star, a big fat zero, and the lowest of the low!

Leonard D (jp) wrote: Boring! Yeah, there are people out there who are obsessed with cars, and they like to make them look good, but making them the focus of a movie? This is really weird! Paul Newman deserved a better send off than this!

Paul P (ag) wrote: While Catherine Breillat has a feminist point of view she doesn't let women off the hook either. The parents of the two sisters will come across as cliche to some but they represent societies views on teenage sex so well that it is totally necessary. The long scene of the boyfriend trying to coax his girlfriend into having sex is a brutal watch. Not necessarily for the image you see but more because i actually felt like the guy in that bed, very gross feeling. Performances down the line are fantastic. Anais Reboux and Roxane Mesquida are brilliant playing the sisters, there complicated relationship is bizarre but endlessly fascinating.

Lilhugo0124 (mx) wrote: Favorite kid movie of all time

Deadly V (nl) wrote: Another Dardenne Brothers Masterpiece

Phat Baby (ru) wrote: All these guyz are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Oh & the movies pretty good too.

DC F (us) wrote: Slightly better acting than the previous movie with a somewhat bigger budget, but doesn't add up to the original gore.

Karsh D (br) wrote: Fine sequel - some excellent visual gags and of course the one liners!! Yeah, some jokes don't hit the mark but you never have to wait too long for one that does!!

Alex S (kr) wrote: Wildly entertaining and featuring a stand-out performance from Richard Gere, Arbitrage grabs the viewers attention and doesn't let go, making for a thrill of a viewing as well as a unique statement on society (particularly the upper class).

Jenna S (us) wrote: The Filming was very poor.... I kept getting lost

Yannick D (us) wrote: It tries very hard to be stylish and atmospheric but ultimately ends up being a run-of-the-mill, borderline boring crime thriller that does not deserve the great performance given by Anthony Hopkins.

Ivona S (fr) wrote: Poignant and amazing story about linguistics professor who is diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. Julianne Moore is simply magnificent in delivering performance which is not unnecessarily sentimental or grim. It is devoid of sentimentality and there is a humour in this compassionate and sensible story. Oscar worthy performance. And Kristen Stewart was amazing.